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You want to know all the secrets of Finger Pass – one of 4 fundamental tricks in Pen Spinning. Easy to learn, not very easy to master. At least one pass you will be able to do in 10 minutes, maybe even during this video, but to be able to do all of them – that is going to take you some time.

Hello, you are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning and today I will show you, how to do FingerPass. It is a beginner trick, good way to start or just test yourself. You even don’t necessarily need any special tool, like a pen mod to do it.

This basic trick looks like this. You simply just pass a pen from one slot to another from 34 till 12 and then – back to 34. Sometimes I use those words, if you don’t understand their meanings – check out explaining video on my channel – Pen Spinning Terms and Basics, link in the description, otherwise – just deal with it.

Take your pen in 23, between Middle and Index fingers, don’t tense them, you need to do tricks with relaxed fingers. Bend  them a little. Also keep your hand Palm Side, fingers in such position, one a bit under another, without a pen it would look like this. Now place pen back  and what you need to do is – you push it with your Middle finger and at the same time raise Ring and Pinky. You need to raise Ring finger till it goes above Middle, pen lies on Middle close to athwart to it. Now just cover a pen with your Index finger push it and raise Ring even more. It should go away to make room for pen’s movement.

This tip of a pen needs to pass Ring finger and as it does – bend Ring and Pinky.

When you see this tip of pen passes over Ring finger – raise this finger, push mod with Middle and also raise Index. When you see, a pen passes over Pinky – raise it, grabbing a pen and also raise Middle.

Now this part is the hardest to master, as pinky is the weakest finger of all five, of course. It is the smallest, very far from your Thumb and you don’t use it much, so it is totally undeveloped.

Push a pen with Ring finger and raise Pinky, now cover your mod with Middle finger and that’s it. A pen has returned to initial position and you can repeat FingerPass.

Doing it continuously is not very easy, is not easy at all, in a few seconds I will share some tips on how to master continuous Finger Pass.

The main one is, of course, your tool. It is OK to Learn Finger Pass with a simple pen, but it’s much easier to do with a pen mod.

Second - don’t rush, don’t try to do it fast. You need to be able to perform it with confidence, speed is going to come later. Focus on just keeping doing it, doesn’t matter if execution is sloppy. All in all it’s all is just a matter of sufficient practicing.

Post a video of how you do this trick on Spinbol.com and watch others doing it in a post, which I created there specially for this. I will leave a link to this post in the first comment to this video, go there, watch how others do this trick, show yourself, rate others, they will earn points for your likes and loose them for your dislikes, lol

You will notice some issues with positioning of your pen between fingers.

That’s going to be the main problem, at some point pen would shift to one of it’s tips, and it’s gonna cause troubles with further execution. So try to keep holding it as close to its center, as you can.

I wouldn’t recommend practicnig FingerPass to master it intentionally. You don’t really need it at the beginning. Just do it from time to time, when you can’t practice something, which may cause drop of your pen. Move on to next tricks, make your skill more diverse.

Good luck with that, I am Alex Sukhov, May the style be with you, bye!


Apurbo Dey
can anyone help? if i trythen the pen goes to it's end and falls.
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