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Pen Spinning SONIC. Basic Trick tutorial


Hello, spinners!

Alex Sukhov is here and by the end of this video you’re gonna know how to do Sonic – one of the fundamental tricks in pen spinning, which is very important to learn if you want to spin a pen.

Sonic can be made in slots 34-23 and 23-12. Of course I will show how to do it in 23-12, there is no point to try to learn it in 34-23 first, later – sure, you will definitely need it, but not right now. Sonic looks like this. The mod switches slots from 23 to 12 behind your Middle finger, making 1 full rotation clockwise.

By the way, you’d better know how to do Charge to learn Sonic, if you don’t know how to do it – check out the video tutorial on my channel, learn and come back later. Charge underlies Sonic. For those of you, who can do 1 full rotation of Charge – let’s start.

And learning of Sonic I want to divide into 2 steps, just like we did while learning Charge, the steps  would be the same. The first one is Abutting Sonic.

Take a mod in slot 23, one tip is placed in Thumb Flap, the rest of the body lays on Ring finger, Middle finger lays on pen mod. Though sometimes I call them “pens” you should know, that I always mean pen modifications, pen mods, you need them to practice pen spinning, if you don’t know which one to choose, check out the video of my TOP 5 recommended pen mods. Now you see Waterfall mod in my hands, you can order it and a lot of others in my little online store, delivery all over the world, link in description.

So our starting position for Sonic is similar to starting position of Charge, isn’t it? 2 and 3 are little bit folded and pretty relaxed. Now push the pen with your Middle finger and move away your Thumb, so the pen could slide down from Thumb Flap. At the same time start to raise your Ring finger.

While pen starts it’s movement, just as if it was going to do Charge, keep your Middle at the same level, don’t raise it and connect 1 and 3, making this kind of lock. You could practice to do that without mod. Look, your fingers should move like this. This way you wouldn’t let your mod fly away.

Eventually the tip of the pen lands back to Thumb Flap. Notice that it should be the same tip, which started to move at the beginning. When you see the mod passes Middle finger, you can lift your Middle again a little to fix a pen in 12 and to control landing.

Sonic is much easier to understand and learn than Charge, especially if you already can do Charge, focus on your middle finger, which should stay down until the pen passes it. Make sure that your 1 and 3 are connected enough and they don’t let your pen fly away. With all that the pen would spin just fine.

To let your fingers know how to move while doing Sonic, you can grab one tip of the pen and do Sonic with the help of your second hand several times. This way you will see what to do more clear.

Abutting Sonic wouldn’t take you long, maybe one evening, don’t spend a lot of time on it, you won’t need abutting Sonic again, move on to the next step, which is going to be – non-abutting Sonic, or simply Sonic.

This is an actual trick, which you will use in your combos.

Just like Charge, again, take your mod in 23 as athwart to the floor as possible, prop it with your Thumb, fingers are relaxed, pretty much folded, you see, Middle is a little bit above Ring finger, they are not in plane. Next what you should do – move away your Thumb and push the pen with your Middle at the same time raise your Ring finger, as if you bump the mod very gently, throwing it up above the Middle Finger. At the same time your 1 gets close to 3. Connect them, making lock. And look on your pen landing in Thumb Flap again.

This is how Sonic should be learnt to my opinion, if you have questions about this trick or pen spinning in general – you can write them down in the comments section below, I will reply either in comments or maybe in coming videos.

May the style be with you, bye!             



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