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Spinbol GUIDE. How to play Tak-Ons.


You want to grow really fast in Pen Spinning, while playing online with other pen spinners? Today I will tell you how exactly you can do that. We also can play together, as we already do with dozens of guys on spinbol.com

By the way, all the footages with combos, which I will show today, I from there, it is a hivemind’s creation of spinbollers, and a lot of guys participated in making these combos.

Hello! You are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning. In this quick video I want to show you how to play on Spinbol and also, some hints, which would help you to earn more points in there and make your gaming much more comfortable. You know, I always try to help you in everything, which concerns Pen Spinning, of course.

So to start you go to spinbol.com and register there or login, using facebook or Instagram account. By the way, if you have one of them or even both – subscribe me there. Anyway, after that you get to edit your Profile page and fill your info, make sure you change profile photo, so we wouldn’t stare at bunch of this guy’s clones. Yeah, make sure you marked year, when you have started pen spinning, not your birth or current year.

And here we go, the main page with a list of all active Tak-Ons, in which you can take part and get some expa-points, you are going to need them later, so just get as much of them as you can, if you are going to stay in pen spinning. If you don’t know what Tak-On is – go and check out the video about them, card and link in the description are at your service. But basically it is a game for pen spinners, of course, which starts, when someone makes first turn by uploading a video with 1 single trick, just 1, 1 turn – 1 trick. Let’s take, for example, this particular game: https://spinbol.com/takon/45

Damn is it long, one of the longest Tak-ons so far. So as you can see, Tats started game with one trick, he writes down the trick, you should be more careful with that, just try to write tricks correctly, but don’t get too mad if anyone makes mistakes in that, just, just try to avoid them. So, Tats made Sonic, also he needs to write slots, it is important and if he wants – palm position – Palm Up, Palm Down or Palm Side, or Palm Down which goes to Palm Side at the end of the trick, for example.

The next person needs to link the first trick with another one in one movement, make sure you make linkage, not just 2 separate tricks, that’s the whole point, we create a combo here, we don’t just show random tricks. In this particular game spinner, named Lantz, connected Sonic 23-12 with Neo Sonic T1, very common beginner linkage. You can see here a field, where you can write message to other players. So this linkage – Sonic 23-12 -> Neo Sonic T1 is the second turn.

It is OK to make turns a bit sloppy, most of the time we do brand new linkages, that’s what makes the game so addictive and interesting, and we don’t have much time to master them and make smooth combos. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, to make a turn before game will be closed after the last made turn. It would be great, of course, to perform a combo as smooth as you can, but most of the time it is OK to show not ideal execution. If you do only linkages, which you already know, you don’t really grow.

But “not ideal” doesn’t mean that you can post videos with ruined combos, you are not allowed to do pauses, a slight hitch for a micro-second is OK, pause is not OK and your turn can be deleted, you also can lose points for a foul.

Also be more careful with adding new tricks, make sure you add only one, it is essential, you can add only one trick. If someone makes turn with Index Around and you want to add Middle Around – you can’t do it, because to change slots from 12 to 23 you need to do at least Pass Reverse . So what you can do is Pass Reverse and hope, that the next player would add Middle Around. It may sound difficult, maybe, but you will get used to it and this simple rule will make our games much more joyful, because sometimes such things as missed Passes confuse other players.

Each additional turn makes this linkage expanding, because on the third turn ghost.ps adds another trick to the 2 previous ones, forming a mini-combo. This game becomes a little bit more difficult and also begins to look interesting. The next player adds another trick to the mini-combo and so on.

I think, you got the idea of how to play Tak-ons in general, if you didn’t – go and check the video, and also there is a link to penstock.net, where I placed a bunch of small articles about how to play, spend 10 minutes on reading them, actually reading would take you less than 5 minutes, other 5 you can spend on re-reading.

But that’s not what I wanted to tell in this video, I wanted to explain you, that there are different levels of Tak-On games on Spinbol. They all require different level of your skill and you can see levels here, when you are choosing a game to join. Each game has a certain quantity of stars, which represent level of a game. Each of them has restrictions, except for 3 stars – expert level, learn more about what you can and what you can’t post in a game according to a level.

Each of them gives you different amount of expa-points.

Yeah, points, every time you make your turn you earn some points, equal to quantity of stars for a game. For example, basic, 0 level games – for beginners – give you 0 points for a turn, while when you play in 3 star game, you get 3 expa-points. But if you are very new to pen spinning and don’t feel confident with a pen mod, play on 0 stars, it is going to make a huge impact on your progress and you are going to learn much faster, than those, who don’t take their chances and just watch others playing. Yeah, take action, it is always good for you.

This points system I made for you, guys, to participate games of your level, don’t go and play with beginners, when you are intermediate, it would not give you a lot of fun, challenge and wouldn’t give much to your progress. Let them grow in their pace, compete with those spinbollers, who are similar level to yours, earning more points each turn and learning new linkages.

And, guys, there is nuance – after 12-th turn you get extra point for each turn, because that’s when games become really difficult. So on 0 star game instead of getting 0 points for 13-th turn, you get 1 and in 3 star game – 4 points for 13, 14, 15 etc turns.

After that, if you were the last one, who made a turn, and nobody made turn after you within 72 hours, you are claimed a winner and get as many points as all of the guys in a game got, huge amount for a huge win. So more turns in a game means much more points for everyone and especially for a winner.

Now, before giving you some useful tips on how to get more fun out of Spinbol, there is something I didn’t really want to say, but still it’s important. As you know, this projects works only on enthusiasm, but also it requires some external support of course, to expand and implement much more cool features, such as comments to different games, likes and dislikes for each turn, different game mods, improving profiles, rank list and so on and so on, there are so many things need to be done to make our experience greater. So keep in mind, that choosing penstock.net as your shop for getting new cool stuff for pen spinners with the delivery all over the world for a fixed low price, is going to support me and Spinbol. I could also use any support, such as spreading information about this game, you can share your combos with a link to Spinbol and particular games, in which you participated, place info about this service in different web-sites, I don’t know, Wikipedia or other sites, I think there might be a lot of them, where this information could be used. This will help as well.

Of course if you fund whatever you can, this will be a huge contribution and it would help a lot. We need to have a lot more content to get more fun with our pen mods. I think, pen spinning is more about having fun, rather than flashing out skills and making others admire them. Though, it also feels great…

OK, without any further ado, here are some tips for playing Tak-Ons on Spinbol.

  1. First of all, it was designed for smartphones, you can open it on computer as well, but initially it is for playing wherever you are and whenever you want, all you need is a phone with camera and a pen mod. It’s not a big deal if you play only on computer, but there could be some codec issues or something else, though, we have fixed most of the bugs so far, so probably there shouldn’t be any technical problems.
  2. The second one – I use android Chrome for playing on Spinbol, tried it on default browser and it wasn’t good for several reasons. One of these reasons is screwed images, while chrome plays all the videos correctly. It also lets you use this awesome option, when you press Add Video, you can see option to choose to open video camera. Here you can make as many shots as you need to perform your combo without saving them on your phone. If you failed while doing your turn, you just press STOP than this X-button and you are ready to make another shot. When you are satisfied with what you have done, you just press OK and Post the video.

Probably video camera works this way in other browsers as well, but on default browser I have seen only a photo-camera option, so I had to film combo first, took several shots, all of them stayed on phone and took a lot of place, as some combos took me REALLY long to perform. And after that I went to Spinbol and uploaded files, that’s not that comfortable, I tell you. Write in the comment if you use another browser with the same feature, let us know how it works with others.

  1. The third tip to make our experience much greater and your videos much better – film your combo, holding your phone horizontally, just hold it horizontally, this way there is better chance to stay in frame, because if you are not in frame – we don’t see what you are doing and that’s a foul. Make sure all the moves are captured. Also horizontal videos look more sweet, than vertical ones.
  2. When you film your combo – make sure to wait a second before execution, because camera tends to cut first seconds and there is a big chance, that we would miss your start. I know, when you get pissed, you begin to rush and press RECORD and cancel buttons really fast, freaking out more and more. But, you know, pen spinning is about patience, take it easy, calm down and make each shot after a small pause between pressing rec and beginning execution.
  3. And the last hint is about Spinbol Interface. When you play Tak-Ons, you get more points for games with more turns. More turns also increase your chance to win a game, but also they are harder to perform. So it is a good idea to play Tak-Ons, in which you have taken part before – you know combo pretty well, as you participated in forming it, and there are already pretty many turns, which decrease amount of people, who participate them and compete with you for a victory. On the main page of Spinbol, each turn resets timer of a game and makes it go up, so you always see recent turns. So there is a big chance that you would lose games, which you wanted to continue, from your sight. Instead you always see new games, or the ones, in which other pen spinners already mastered their combos. Go to your profile page and check there – all the games, in which you took part are gathered there. Check out, which games are about to close and post in them. This way you can choose about 5 games, for example and play with others in them only, trying to win.

I want to thank all the guys, who play on Spinbol, it is so great to come back home and make a few turns with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And if you liked this video – let me know about that. Send it to beginners to let them know how to play. See you on Spinbol, I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!

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