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Tak-On - Game of Pen Spinners


So you can do some Pen Spinning stuff, but what to do now with that skill? In the first part of this video I will tell you about my favorite game for any Pen Spinner, regardless of a level you are on right now. In the second part I will reveal the great mystery of the past several months.

Hello! You are on Pen Stock, a channel about Pen Spinning, and in this video I will tell you about Tak-On – not so many hobbies can have such thing as we, Pen Spinners, do. I have told you numerous times – Pen Spinning is very deep, but to be hones we haven’t dug much.

As some of you know and most of you don’t, Pen Spinners have a GAME, which is called Tak-On, poll right now to let us know – have you heard about Tak-On before or not. Here are results of my previous poll, where I asked if you know who is Bonkura, pretty sad, but that’s life, what are you going to do.

And surely write down if you know why Tak-On is called so.

I love this game so much, because it is very joyful and, man is it useful and effective!

How it is played – one guy creates Tak-On by uploading a video with only one trick with a pen, he writes down his trick, slots, in which it should be perfomed, and wrist position, for example – Sonic 23-12 PS. That’s the beginning of one game, one Tak-On.

The next guy, this should be another pen spinner, not the same one, the next guy or a girl, we have girls in community, too, you know, posts the second video where he makes the first trick and adds another one to it. He needs to make sure that these tricks can be combined, it needs to be a smooth movement, not just 2 separate tricks, they should form a linkage.

So he posts a video with a linkage of these 2 tricks and writes down, what he has added, for example, he wants to add Neo Sonic. If wrist’s position doesn’t change – there is no need to mark it again, only if you change wrist’s position, you should note it. Neo Sonic doesn’t do it, so now we have 2 turns in one Tak-On, and now it looks like Sonic 23-12 PS -> Neo Sonic 12-T1.

Next spinner makes a video, where he makes the first 2 tricks and adds another one to the existing linkage. It could be completely another spinner, or the same one, which has started the game. But again, the trick should be linked to the previous one and together they should form a linkage. For example – you can’t just add Shadow 34-23 after Neo Sonic, as they can’t be linked without a mEdiatory trick or even linkage, so you can’t make them smooth and form Combo with them. You see, what I mean?

And with each turn a combo becomes longer and more difficult to perform. By 10th turn it looks more like a mini-combo and to add 11th trick, you will need to apply more and more efforts. Because all the tricks should be done in one movement, as an actual combo. You drop a pen or make any pauses in execution – you fail. And when Tak-On comes to a point, where nobody else can add a trick and film a smooth combo with all the tricks from a particular game, within, say, 3 days – this Tak-On ends and the Pen Spinner, who added the last trick, is declared a winner.

Sounds fun, right? Well, even though it is much more fun when you actually play or watch others playing this game – it’s always better to see one time, than to hear 1000 times.

 It is challenging and addictive. At some point you find yourself completely lost in Tak-Ons, trying to continue them and cursing a previous player. And what’s even more important - it is not only about winning.

Tak-Ons are very useful for your progress – you never know, which trick is going to be added next, and, as completely different people play Tak-On – very often they add tricks, which you wouldn’t even think of , making your experience much more diverse. For example, you got used to add Neo Sonic after Sonic 23-12, but another guy added ThumbAround T1, and you begin to learn this linkage to be able to continue a game.

It also can be applied to people who just watch Tak-On without actually participating in it. If it has already finished, or if you just want to learn some new linkages. It is a good way to learn new linkages, as you can see how they are added one by one, without any need to wait till Pen Stock releases another Linkage Tutorial!

It is also a great way to learn how to write and to read breakdowns in Pen Spinning, which is also great – having more educated beginners may lead us to huge changes in the whole World Community. I strongly recommend you to start playing Tak-On as soon as possible, as it is accessable for any level.

Detailed rules for Tak-On you can read on penstock.net, link to them you can find in the description, go and check them out after you watch this video, as they vary for different Tak-On levels and there are some things you should know as well.

Don’t hurry, let’s get to the second part of today’s video, oh I am so excited right now, phooof, man… that’s so intense…

OK, so now we, pen spinners have one nice place to meet each other and speak to each other. By that place I mean our little Discord Server, which you can join by clicking a link in the description. But what I always wanted to make, the idea, which I got about a year or so ago, but was able to begin to make only at October 2018, was something much greater than just a Discord server, it is OK, but not ideal for Pen Spinners, right? It’s more for chatting.

The idea, which has cost me all I had and even a little more than that, the project, which I haven’t made, I haven’t made even 30% of what I’ve planned to make, of what I have web-model for, for God sake. I met pretty many difficulties, it took me more, than I expected, at some point the whole project was about to be cancelled.

But, there is a HUGE BUT. Let me introduce you the way, you can play Tak-On wherever you are. All you need is… your will. And camera on your phone. And internet connection. And some skill at least one step more than 4 fundamentals. And… that’s pretty much it for now.

Guys, let me show you spinbol.com, the first step to creating content for pen spinners, the first web-site, totally developed for us only. I would have eaten my shorts if such a thing existed a few years ago.

So, how do we play – it is very simple right now, as I told before, building something greater appeared to be harder than I thought it would be, but about that later.

You go to spinbol.com, join, using social network or your e-mail, whatever, fill some basic information on your profile, pay attention at this field, especially for those, who want to know, when everybody else started pen spinning, type your real year of starting Pen Spinning, it has no effect on anything, but can’t be changed, so just put your real year of starting.

And begin to play. Each time you win on Tak-On – you get 20 points to your personal total score. Just that simple – easy and a lot of fun.

God I am so glad to build it. You know, I could spend money on making shop better, I mean penstock.net, of course, I am not satisfied about how it is and how it looks right now, a lot of changes should be done some day.

I could enlarge stock much, add new pen mods, could buy new camera and gear for making new videos or get a better computer to edit them. I could do all of that and leave something for myself, but instead I have spent all of them on building something for all of us and I am dead f… glad I did. Yeah, for myself in the first place, as I really wanted to be able to play Tak-Ons with you, I like them so much.

Nothing else would give me such satisfaction as Spinbol gives right now.

I encourage you to check it out after checking out its simple rules on penstock.net

Also, keep in mind, that what you can see on spinbol now is only a pale shadow of what it can become and I will continue efforts to develop it. How fast? Well, it depends on you as well, as together, guys, I believe we can make much more for Pen Spinning, than any of us alone. And I do need your help, as nobody else is going to give it.

Together we can build a really strong community, where depth of Pen Spinning could be discovered, where pen modders would be able to create new pen mods and sell them easily, where PRO pen spinners could become real professionals, where all of us would be able to find our thing.

Remember that when you recommend people where to buy  pen mods.

Remember that when you choose, where to buy them as well.

Of course I mean penstock.net – when you buy there, you support me and Spinbol, because right now it all is completely detrimental and moves forward with a turtle speed. Or even dye one day, as, you know, it needs to be maintained, and I am completely out.

Guys, some of you sometimes complain, that I advertise my shop too much, but, WTF? We all need to eat, don’t we? And me too, to keep on doing what am doing now. So, at least on Discord server, don’t promote other shops, don’t you think it is a bit unfair? My shop is not worse than them, all I get is just thanks from those who have bought something in there. You, guys, also should leave some feedback for newcomers on penstock, I am very glad to receive them in private messages and e-mail, but there is also a feedback section and comment section under each pen mod.

It’s a bit unfair, as those douchebags from subreddit lowered my karma to sub-zero point for no reason. Oh, no the reason was “You misinform others”, like they are the one who decide what is right and what is wrong, like they 100% sure I am totally wrong.

Now I can’t make new subreddit for me, so if you want to have an alternative one – make it and let me know, I will help to try to make it general instead of the current general.

So meet me on spinbol.com, I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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