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Tak-On on Spinbol - general info


Quick Intro to Spinbol


tak-on To play Tak-On you need to create combo together with other pen spinners. Each player adds one trick in one turn, one by one. To add trick, you need to film all the previous tricks in ONE MOVE without dropping pen mod or making pauses between tricks. 




You need to link the tricks together in a combo. Separate tricks, pauses and dropping pen mod are not allowed and cause your fail. So make sure you can already make linkages.

If you are a beginner, and can't link tricks properly, you still can play Tak-Ons on Spinbol, but ONLY in games with 0 star level. Before you start to play on Spinbol, look here to find out more about Game Levels.

Each time you make a turn or create New Tak-On, you earn Expa-Points. Their amount depends on level of Tak-On game you make turn in. Basically you get

1 EP x Level of Tak-On.

So if you make turn in Tak-On with 2 stars level, for each turn you get:

1 EP x 2 (Stars) = 2 EP

If you post in 0 star level, you get

1 EP x 0 (Star) = 0 EP

After 12 turn in each Tak-On, you get +1 more EP for each post.

If you were the last person, who made turn in Tak-On for 72 hours, you are a Winner and get as many points, as all the turns have earned in a particular game - pretty big amount!

Fergio Theo Parnelo
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