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ThumbAround Harmonic - detailed Tutorial.


Hello, spinner! You’re on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning and by the end of this video you will know how to do a trick called ThumbAround Harmonic – basically it is a linkage of 2 basic tricks with a pen – ThumbAround and ThumbAround Reverse. If you don’t know how to do any of these 2 tricks – learn it by watching videos on my channel, links to both of them you will find in the description on YouTube.

The trick looks like this and it could be done continuously. By the way you can also find a video tutorial of a nice beginner combo with this trick – also in the description, watch it after learning this one.

First of all take your mod in position for doing ThumbAround. Make sure to hold your pen closer to one of it’s caps with a bigger part looking down. Now make ThumbAround Normal with pushing of your Middle and try to catch mod in T1 closer to a cap, so it’s bigger part would be looking up.

Now repeat this movement for as long as you need to be able to do it with confidence.

After you master this way of catching mod in ThumbAround, you need to change the way you catch it a little bit. As you push mod around Thumb – fold Index Finger and stop your pen with it like this.

Now repeat this movement till you can do it without extra efforts.

Alright, now instead of stopping mod – push it with Index finger back, doing ThumbAround Reverse. You need to do it, so a mod would be stopped with Middle Finger closer to one of caps, in initial position and again – push it to do TA.

At first your mod is going to stop, the trick would look awkward, just keep on doing it, trying to reduce pause between catching mod with Index and pushing it back in TA Rev. Focus on the way you catch your mod, one of it’s caps should always be close to your Thumb.

There are also several ways to do this trick. р, like I do, so keep that in mind, you can do it like this, whatever you find more comfortable and whatever you like, how it looks – decide by yourself.

Some of you, guys, are going to learn it really fast, but for some of you it is not going to be a very easy trick, at least not all of you would be able to do it nice and smooth fast enough, so get some patience. Personally I have mastered it only a couple of months ago, after more than 4 years of practicing Pen Spinning. From the other side, probably I should have been spending more time on it, TA Harmonic is a very useful and cool looking trick, and you definitely should learn and use it in your Freestyles and combos.

To be able to perform this trick you don’t need to have any special magical fingers – hitchhiker thumb, big or small hand, you don’t need to be older than some age and younger than another – it all doesn’t matter. Matters only – how much practice you put on its mastering – that’s it.

If you find this video helpful let me know about that. Check out other video tutorials and reviews of different pen mods – videos are gathered in several PlayList, so you can easily find the ones you are going to like as well.

I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, Bye!


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