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Pen Spinning Thumb Around - Easy. Explained tutorial



Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and by the end of this video you are going to know how to do Thumb Around.

It is one of 4 fundamental tricks with pen which you should know to make decent progress in art of pen spinning. You can find tutorials of all basic tricks with pen on my channel in the playlist with tricks obviously, and if you don’t know them – just watch this video till the end, learn THumbAround and go on – practice them – Fingerpass, Charge and Sonic.

Anyway, today we are going to learn THumbAround and this trick is probably the easiest one of all fundamentals. It would take you a couple of hours to get it, maybe a little bit less if you have a good teacher and know how to do it properly. Don’t worry, if you have some problems with that – anyway eventually you will make THumbAround, just watch close. You don’t even necessarily need a pen mod to learn it, it can be performed with a simple pen or pencil, sure with mod it will be much easier. You can get one in my little store penstock.net delivery all over the world.

Today I will show you the trick with Flying Panda, which I consider to be one of the best mods for beginners – you can buy it easily, link in the description.

So during ThumbAround one of your fingers pushes the pen and it goes around your Thumb, just that simple. You can push mod with your Index, Middle, Ring and even Pinky, nobody does that though. Most linkages need Index finger to push, little bit less need Middle finger, Ring finger is used pretty rare and Pinky would be helpful in 1 case out of 1000. I personally have never used it.

But I will show you how to do ThumbAround with pushing of your Middle finger as I consider it to be the easiest way to learn ThumbAround, if you don’t agree – let others know about that in a comment section below.

So, first of all show me Victory sign and turn your hand palm up. Put the mod on your Index and Middle fingers, don’t tense them, keep them a bit relaxed, press the mod down with your Thumb. Starting position should look like this. Middle finger abuts on the center of mod, cap of the pen is placed on Index finger, Thumb presses the pen between 1 and 2. Pinky and Ring fingers are folded, you don’t use them during this trick, just keep them away, so they wouldn’t prevent pen’s movement.

Next what you should do is – push the pen with your Middle finger, at the same time move your Index away, so it let’s your pen move freely, these are the movements which make the trick in general. Look how they should be performed without the pen. As if you make a pistol with your fingers and squeeze off with Middle finger.

While you squeeze – try to direct the mod around your Thumb, lead it close to the bottom of Thumb, keep your finger and mod in contact as long as you can.

So, everybody can do this trick, it is not hard to learn as I told before. Well, everybody can learn pen spinning first of all, you don’t need any special gifts to make such cool things if you like them. If you always drop your pen and can’t perform the trick – don’t be upset, don’t give up, keep on practicing and sooner or later you will make it for sure.

I hope this video was helpful for you, guys, if it was, if you like it – let me know about that. Subscribe to the channel for sure if you want to know more about pen spinning, check out the playlists with mod reviews, linkages, theory and other tricks, share the video wherever you can – more pen spinners mean more fun for all of us. And may the style be with you, bye.


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