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Pen Spinning Thumb Around Reverse (TA rev) - basic tutorial



Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and by the end of this video you are going to know how to do ThumbAround Reverse – a variation of one of 4 fundamental tricks in Pen Spinning. If you didn’t see the video about ThumbAround Normal – check it out, and also I guess you should watch the video about all 4 fundamentals before you start to learn today’s trick, link in description below.

OK, so during ThumbAround reverse, in breakdowns you may write it as TA rev, your pen moves around your Thumb clockwise.

-         Wait a minute! In the video about basic terms in Pen Spinning you said, that usually reverse tricks move counterclockwise!

-         Did I? Well, what a rule without an exception!

Don’t forget, that learning of new tricks goes much easier and with bigger pleasure with a properly made tool – a pen mod, I have a video about that as well. Today you can see Waterfall mod with Sailor Gell grips on it, which serve to add some momentum and make different spin effect of the mod. By the way I have a whole review about this mod, you can check it out as well as many other reviews in a special playlist on my channel. You can order it and many others in the best shop for pen spinners – penstock.net, with the delivery all over the world.

We perform the trick with pushing the pen with our Index finger in most cases, you don’t have to learn it with the pushing with your other fingers, the way I would show you the trick in this video would be OK. Turn your hand palm up and put the pen on 2 fingers – 1 and 2, Index should be place at the center of gravity of your mod, if it is a good mod, it would be the center of it. You may place it a little bit closer to the cap which looks at you as well. Middle finger is close to the cap, push the pen with your Thumb near the same spot where your Middle is. Don’t tense your fingers, keep them a bit relaxed, a little bit folded. This would be the starting position for making the trick. You may also help with the Ring finger to support the pen before the beginning.

Now make a slight but strong enough move with your Index finger, just as you would do while pulling a trigger of a gun, like this. At the same time you should move 2 and 3 away to let the mod move. It should be done at the very same time as you pull the trigger. The main thing is in the way your Index pushes the mod. The movement should be sharp and strong enough to let your pen move around the Thumb and gentle enough to no to let it fly away. Focus on it, experiment with your force and after you push the mod, let Index down as well to let your pen pass it.

At the time when your mod passes Thumb – prepare 2 and 3 to catch it. It would stop the mod and finish the trick. I suggest you to learn with catching with your Middle finger, later you can learn it catching in different slots depending of which trick you want to do next.

Try to do the trick with the help of your second hand to get the idea of how the pen moves.

Another little hint would be, you can move Thumb a little, while your mod moves around and then get it back right at the time it returns to its place.

-         Waaaaait a minute!..

-         I know, I know, people don’t recommend to do it, it is not TRUEbut I learnt this way and it helped a lot.

As time passes your Thumb should move less till you can do the trick while it stays still.

And this is going to be the tutorial for ThumbAround Reverse – if you have any questions or other hints for learning it – leave them in the comment section below this video on YouTube. If you find this video helpful, if you liked it – let me know about that, too, share it wherever you can, remember – converting people into penspinners is a decent mission, we are so weak while we are few.

May the style be with you, guys, bye.


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