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Tigresuuu - Interview

1. How did you met PS?
1. My first encounter to Penspinning happened during middle school. My parents were talking about their childhood as well as their daily lives as students. They suddenly remembered how some of their classmates were doing something funny with their pencils. So they decided to google it, and there came the first collaboration video I have watched. We were all engaged in how the tune and the spinning were entwined together nicely. It first started from an admiration, as I practiced the thumb-around with my pencil. Then it soon progressed into an addiction, which to some extent, my parents sort of regretted. However, nonetheless they still support my hobby.
2. What is your favourite trick?
2. A simple backaround is my favorite trick, because of its potential variation of performance. It is fascinating how one trick could be expressed so many ways despite the notation is the same.
3. What do you think about single-sided mods?
3. I think single-sided mods give you the feel of ‘pen’spinning, simply because it resembles more like a pen then how a double-sided mod looks like.

4. Did you ever tried others skill toys?
4. Not much, my brother offered me a fidget spinner which was cool. I soon lost interest after that.
5. Advantages and disdvantages of pen spinning?
5. I don't think there is an objective advantage/disadvantage to this hobby. However, if I were to take this personally, there is several. One big advantage is that penspinning could be a platform where it can offer you to communicate with people you possibly will never meet at all. This is in relation to the nature of the internet, but having the same hobby allows a little deeper relationship among community member. A disadvantage to this is that, penspinning can hinder your studies as well as time management. This has been a problem for me, and I am glad that my peak of this addiction was during middle school, because at that point academics and social participation did not matter much as later on in life.
6. Aim of your "Simple linkages" videos?
6. My initial aim of SLS was honestly to get views, yes how disheartening haha. However, later on while I was making these videos, it made me realize several things. First is the fact that there is no stable guide for penspinners, beginners encounter with the obstacle of not knowing where to go after learning tricks. So I’d thought SLS could be the next step for spinners to develop into advanced spinners. Another intention for SLS was to introduce spinners that even simple tricks could look appealing if certain tricks are connected right. At the time SLS was made, I had a feeling that the way spinners constructed their combos were very rigid, leading to difficult but visually unpleasant combos. The combos that are introduced in SLS are those that have a certain flow which can be appreciated by anyone when done right.
7. What do you think about copying links at all?
7. I think it should be encouraged, only to a certain extent. If people keep copying other combos for an unnecessary amount of time, they will eventually lose the capability to create their own combos. There is an argument that even though you have intended to create a certain link for the first time in penspinning history, some has already made it in the past. Despite this, this argument still should not hinder your pursuit to creativity.
8. How do you think : did you made a big contribution in PS?
8. To me, I don’t think I have done enough to make a big contribution to the community. I may have done a lot to the beginner spinners with SLS, but that is it. I have helped the spinners from a personal aspect, but I have not done anything to help sustain the whole community. I still regret that I have not done much to do so.
9. Your ideal PS community in future
9. My ideal Penspinning community is simple; a well active, social community with a decent population. At this moment, even people fro
the same forum are disconnected from others. This is a disheartening picture to me, but such is the result of the increase of social platforms.
10. Your wishes to PS community
10. Enjoy spinning, in the sense that your contribution may somehow stimulate another from the other side of the Earth. People may ask you or talk to you, when that happens so, do not hesitate to talk to them. You are already in a special experience that normal people cannot experience at all. Sharing the same hobby and exchanging opinions is nonetheless part of your own personal development. This may sound cheesy, but it will help you one day in your personal life. For that reason, keep spinning.

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