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Pen Spinning mods TOP-3 LED Pen Mods


Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here and today I will show you TOP 3 best LED mods so far. Usually such mods are not meant to be used for learning new elements  or developing your style, spinners usually spin them for fun, for great fun, and to my mind if you can freestyle with a pen, you should have one of those in your collection – nothing else can provide you with such awesome feelings as spinning LED’s in a dark room does.

Remember, this TOP is subjective and represents my opinion, nevertheless you can rely on it till you have your own.

3-rd place:

Bicycle LED – this mod is based on Emboss body with two bicycle LED lights from the both sides, after which it’s got its name – oh, naming. The lights begin to twinkle when you spin the mod, I will show you how to make them shine permanently closer to the end of this video, it is very simple and requires only tiny piece of paper.

-         Hell! Awesome mod on Emboss with LED lamps for the price less than Travel mod costs! I am taking it as my first mod!

-         Wait…

-         Shut up and take my money!

A lot of beginners do this, and here are 2 reasons why you shouldn’t:

1)    It is short and uncomfortable. Despite of its claimed length of 20.5 cm, which is already not too much, but it is still OK for a mod. The problem is that actual length of Bicycle LED is a little more than 10 cm only. Sure, you still can use it, but it is not what you want to have as your first and main tool for learning new elements.

Wipers are also impossible to do, as Bicycle LED doesn’t have caps and grips and you can’t hold it by the lamps… uhm, they are not lamps… by these… things… Because, and here we get close to the second reason:

2)    This pen mod is too fragile. To be more certain – these lamps are fragile. That’s what happens in most cases when you drop Bicycle LED to the more or less hard surface. By the way it spins completely the same with or without them.

If we would want to find faults, we may say, that the mod doesn’t look canonically, it looks nothing like any writing tool, marker or pen – nothing like that.

Yeah, the main advantage of Bicycle LED is in its low cost. Per se, you get shining beautiful pen mod on Emboss, which indeed is a pretty expensive body for the price of Travel or Tornado mod. It is great if you want to fulfill your collection with something unusual, want to experience something new and are low in budget, just keep in mind what I have told above and don’t pick it as your first mod.

The second is LED EST. The most expensive solid heavy pen mod with tips and grips from Dr. Grip – which stand for quality. You can easily turn LED’s on with the switches on the mod’s body – which goes for comfort. This one looks and feels like an actual pen mod, not like a rip-off a pen mod, it is more suitable for learning new elements. Though I wouldn’t recommend it for newbies as well – too heavy – 24 grams is not a joke. Spinning it for too long may cause you some nasty health issues.

LEDs, switches, batteries - all this stuff is heavy and placed at the center of the mod. To add momentum we have to use heavy tips and grips. As a result we have a weapon of mass destruction.

It spins fine, momentum is enough and as some people spin VGG Giotto these days, I guess they can have LED EST as their main mod.

And the TOP 1, the best LED mod today is Twilight mod. Here we can see a perfect balance between price and quality, that’s how LED mod should look and spin like, that’s what you can easily assemble and customize as you want. Sure grips are not by Dr. Grips, they are cheaper noname grips, but they still feel nice and do their job just fine. LEDs and batteries are placed at the ends of the mod and serve to replace tips and increase momentum.

Twilight is 23.5 cm long, weight is 16 gram, you can learn new elements with it and use not only for fun from time to time, but as your main mod as well. I’d recommend to experiment with adding some rings and grips in this case though. The length is pretty big for 16 gram, mod doesn’t spin ideally to my mind. But when you get used to it, you will have fun even with the LEDs turned off.

And yeah, when you turn them on – that’s when the REAL fun starts. Twilight shines with the light on very beautifully, when you turn light off it looks like a magic wand from a fairy tale – colors play and together with spinning you can reach an overwhelming effect. Show it to anybody around you and they will never be the same anymore:)

You can turn the LEDs simultaneously and they will change the colors synchronously,  or turn them with some pause, and they will shine not synchronously.

Depending on color of the Crayola body, light grasp differs, to my mind, clear, white and yellow mods provide shining better than others.

What I also like in Twilight – you are not afraid of dropping it. If you drop Bicycle LED on a table – you may break the mod, if you drop LED EST on a table – you may break the table. If you drop Twilight mod – nothing terrible happens.

That’s a little plus, but I appreciate mods, which don’t ruin everything around them. Nevertheless Twilight mod is an absolute TOP 1 LED mod so far and I strongly recommend having it in your collection. You can make your own LED mod with lamp holders, if you buy them on penstock.net with the fast delivery in all corners of the world.

Actually, you can buy all the TOP 3 LED mods there – on penstock.net, a special shop for pen spinners only with everything you may need to spin like a pro.

Now, how do we make Bicycle LED shine permanently. Dismantle the lamps carefully pull out the board. Now take a tiny piece of paper, fold it in a tiny tube and tuck it into this hollow.

Now assemble the lamp and enjoy the light!

Do you agree with my TOP? Do you have LED mods in your collection and how often do you spin them? Leave a like if you want to see more videos like this and subscribe to the channel, if you spin a pen and still haven’t.

May the style be with you, bye!




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