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TOP 5 Beginner Mistakes in Pen Spinning.



Hello, spinners! You are on Pen Stock! You know, I’ve been in Pen Spinning for quite a long time and often speak to beginners and experienced people. I have seen rises of different pen spinners and falls of others. Today I want to tell you about 5 common mistakes beginners make in their journey, so you could avoid them and do Pen Spinning much more efficient than I did.

  1. OK, let’s start with the first mistake - Beginners often want pen mods, which can write. It is a pretty common mistake and maybe for some of you fact that a mod can’t write can be a deal breaker. But you see, in general, pen mods are specially designed to serve several things, and none of these things has anything to do with writing.

There certainly are writable pen mods, you can find mods on penstock.net, which look just like simple pens. Some pen spinners specialize on spinning so called – no mods (unmodified pens, suitable for spinning). But all this is not for beginners.

If you want to write with a mod to take it to school or office – fine, but in most cases you would not want to have it as your main pen mod. Though there is one exception, I will tell about itin a few seconds.

Even pen mods, which were designed and made to be writable from the beginning, for example, Flower Series, I have a separate video about them, look in description after finishing watching this video. And they, Flowers, spin much better without writing ink inside, as it adds unnecessary center weight to a mod, and doesn’t increase momentum.

You want to have a good balance, good momentum, good weight and length. It would be nice to have pretty design, too, but that’s optional. Other properties are secondary. Even spin-effect doesn’t play a big role for those who are just starting, as they actually can’t see it without needed skills. And ability of your mod to write is adverse, so don’t hunt for writable mods and take out writing ink if you have one.

I can name only one exception out of this rule – Flower V2, which is OK to spin with ink inside. But it is the only one writable pen mod I know, which fits beginner’s need. It appeared only few months ago and is a great find for those beginners, who want to practice at school or in the office. What is really cool about this mod – you can take out both caps and it still will be spinnable, at the same time would look exactly like a simple pen.


  1. The second mistake beginners often make is - trying to skip reverses of tricks, they have learnt.

Maybe it is understandable. You have already learnt a trick, you are happy about that, it brought vividly to your life and endorphins to your brain, you are so cool, on the top of the world (I know that feeling, it always keeps me motivated and I think it is the main reason for pen spinning being so much addictive). And suddenly – BAM! – again you are beneath toll cliff, on which you have climbed just recently.

You need to go from the very beginning again and learn the same trick from zero point, at least as it seems to you. In fact it is not the same trick, don’t be confused by its name. Charge Reverse is not the same trick as Charge Normal, they are 2 different tricks and you need to learn both as they form a foundation for your future progress. You need to learn it, because without it you can’t move on and many tricks will be much harder to learn, some of them even closed for you. You need a stable foundation to build skill which you would be proud of.

Reverse versions of tricks are separate tricks and on my channel I always devote separate videos for them.

What is really nice – if you learn them right after learning Normal learning is going to be faster, maybe not much easier, but certainly faster and you know why?

You have already learnt a pretty similar trick, Normal version. You understand concept of its performing and remember where you had difficulties while learning it.

So learning Reverses is in fact very beneficial - you learn a new necessary trick on a basis of a trick, which you already know.

  1. The next mistake is about pen mods again. They play a big role in Pen Spinning and having a right tool which helps you to progress is as important as having right tool, which you just like. I often see how people get stuck at the very beginning, because they use wrong mods and it drives me crazy sometimes.

You really can make your own pen – self-mod out of Bictory or other spare parts and materials, but first self-made mods are never good. Even if you are a genius pen modder, without experience you are not going to make a good self-mod at the beginning, especially if you never tried pro mods.

What I mean is – you can make your first tool and it would be OK to use for learning basic and easiest tricks, maybe a few links, like Sonic+ThumbAround, if your self-mod is good enough. But you can’t move further with that, to make more or less interesting things, for which most of us love pen spinning, things that make it so addictive and awesome looking, these things you wouldn’t be able to perform with a poor instrument.

The same goes about those unspinnable pieces of crap, called pens for pen spinning, spin-sticks, Zhigao, numerous useless pens from AliExpress. Buying them is pointless, as you are going to overgrow them 10 times before you even get them. You would feel like Rachmaninov with a kid’s piano keyboard. Yeah, it plays some sounds, but you can’t really play it.

I have seen exception for this rule only once. Only one guy moved further with crappy mods, in all the other cases they have lead beginners to quitting Pen Spinning because people couldn’t get enough fun and skill out of their self-mods or AliExpress crap.

I already have pretty detailed video about self-made mods, you can watch it – link in description. And video about AliExpress mods is going to appear really soon, push the bell to make sure you don’t miss it.

  1. The forth mistake I see from time to time is listening for advices from people, who have no experience in teaching Pen Spinning. I have seen really terrible advices for beginners a lot. Back those days when UPSB was alive there were plenty of them, especially on early versions of UPSB.

And by bad advices I mean, when PROs try to convince noobs to use PRO mods, for example. You should know, that some mods are not good for beginners.

Don’t listen to those guys who spin unbalanced light single capped mods and recommend them to every newbie. Not that this guy is necessarily cruel, he might mislead you unintentionally, just wanting to share with you those feelings, which he gets out of spinning hard to spin tools, for example. Maybe he doesn’t even realize that such advices are harmful for your progress and may lead you to quitting Pen Spinning for wrong reasons.

Maybe he just wants to show off, tell everybody around how cool he is, that spinning no mods and hard to spin pens is like piece of cake and he could do multiple Busts with no mod Dr. Grip at the first month of practicing.

Mods under 12 gr weight and shorter than 20 cm with shifted balance are not good choices for learning basics, you also don’t need very expensive mods as well, as at the beginning you are not going to realize how awesome they are compared to cheaper mods. It is always better to take a few cheaper mods or spare parts for customizations than taking one good expensive mod.

  1. The last mistake I often see is f….g Charge Thumb Flap, which drives me nuts. Who the hell has invented this undertrick? OK, I get it, you have Charges in 12, 23 and 34, why not having it in TF as well? BECAUSE IT IS AN UGLY USELESS MESS!

Imagine, you watch a pretty combo, difficult, smooth, elegant and when a spinner goes from Neo Sonic to Fingerless TA Reverse, which is pretty common, it is a popular link, he messes out everything, ruins smooth flow by adding this monster.

Unfortunately it is very common mistake. People add Charge TF mostly in this linkage, I can’t remember seeing it with other tricks – only between Neo Sonic and FL TA Reverse. It makes this linkage little bit easier, but when you get used to add Charge TF, it is harder to get rid of it later. So you may see a lot of really skilled pen spinners messing their combos with this sh…

Don’t even learn this trick. I mean, there are several tricks in Pen Spinning, which you may need to learn, know, but don’t use at all, like abutting Charge and Sonic. You need these tricks to make your first steps in Pen Spinning easier, to understand, how Simple Sonic and Charge should be done. Abutting versions of these tricks are helpful steps towards mastering actual tricks.

At the same time Charge TF doesn’t give you necessary skill, it is easier to perform Neo Sonic to FL TA Reverse with it, but it doesn’t help to learn this linkage without itself.

By the way I have made a video about this linkage, if you want to learn it – watch the video, it is going to be in the description.

Of course there are much more mistakes out there, but others are more specified, while these 5 are general and I think many of you, guys, would find them helpful. If so, let me know about that by leaving a like and a comment under this video, it motivates a lot!

I am Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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