Hello, spinners! My name is Alex Sukhov and today I will show you how to do Twisted Sonic, a good trick in Pen Spinning which is often used in different combos mainly as a filler.

Twisted Sonic is a hybrid trick, it consists of 2 basic tricks – Charge and Pass Reverse – I have tutorials for both of them, check out Playlist with Trick Tutorials on this channel. It looks like this and actually it is a pretty simple trick, but it requires some time to learn how to perform it nicely, later you will understand what I mean. Twisted Sonic can be made in slots 34-23 and 23-12 Palm Down and Palm Side. Of course, I will show it in 23-12 as it is much easier to learn in this slots. By the way, if you don’t know what slot is – go and check out the video about Basics and Terms in Pen Spinning.

To perform the trick take the mod between Ring and Middle fingers, almost athwart to the floor, fingers are relaxed and a little bit folded. Keep your Middle finger a little bit closer to one side so the larger part of pen would look up. You can prop the mod with your Thumb as well.

Now straighten the fingers pulling the mod out, you need to do Charge, pay attention on your Index, it should go down a bit and when mod goes behind it – lift Index finger and grab mod in slot 12.

That’s a pretty simple trick, it wouldn’t take you long to learn, just try to make it as circle as you can. I mean Charge should look circle, and especially pass. That’s where I had some performance troubles back that time when I was learning this trick. You can practice Charge in 12 holding the pen closer to the end, like this, making it look rounder.

To test yourself you can take Singe Capped Mod and look which side lands in thumbflap at the end of the trick. On the inner side of your palm should be opposite side of the pen. So if you started Twisted Sonic holding the pen closer to the tip, you should land it with the cap on the inner side.

If you still haven’t got a proper pen mod, visit the Special shop for Pen Spinners – Penstock.net, where you can find this Mod, for example, which is called Nachoaddict and a lot of other mods, only best of the best, spare parts for them, everything for Pen Spinners in one place with the delivery all over the world – USA, Europe, Asia – doesn’t matter, one price for delivery everywhere.

If you find this video helpful – let me know about that and subscribe to the channel, if you still haven’t – pen spinning grows and blossoms here. May the style be with you, bye.



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