Hello, spinners! Alex is here and today I want to show you how to do Twisted Sonic Reverse.

That’s a common trick which is often used as a filler, in one of the next videos I will show you how to connect it with Twisted Sonic Normal in a very nice looking movement, which you can see in many combos. But first of all, of course, we need to learn the trick itself.

Twisted Sonic Reverse looks like this. It can be made in slots 12-23 and 23-34, I will show how to do it in 12-23, it is the easiest way to learn it and understand conception of its performing. And after you get it – you can and you should learn it in other slots by yourself.

Twisted Sonic is a hybrid trick and to learn it you’d better already know how to do Charge reverse and Finger Pass, if you don’t know them – check out the video tutorials on this channel.

So first of all take the mod in a slot 12 athwart to the floor closer to the tip, which looks up. Fingers are bent, relaxed. Now straighten up Index and Middle fingers doing Charge Reverse, Ring finger should stay a bit bent and Index Finger rises above Middle. And when mod is behind Ring finger – raise it grabbing the mod in slot 23.

The trick is pretty simple to get, but it requires some time to learn how to do it nicely. You should perform it as circle as you can. Sure, we have no questions about doing Charge – it is round by itself, the main difficultness appears when you do Pass 12-23. At first the trick would look something like this, and as you can see – it looks screwed up, that’s because when you do pass normal, this tip goes down, when while doing Twisted Sonic Reverse it should continue circle motion and go up.

Let me show you a couple of tips right after advice – learning tricks in pen spinning goes much faster and with greater pleasure with a professionally made tools – you know that by now. And also you know where get them – on penstock.net, shop for PRO pen spinners, with the delivery all over the world. Today you can see Minwoo Mod in my hand, great beautiful Single Capped mod with perfect balance and rampant momentum.

To make Twisted Sonic Reverse more circle you need to know how to do Charge Reverse in slot 23. It’s important also to find out perfect moment for the pen to change slot, don’t hurry to change it too soon. When the pen is in 12 to make circle motion you direct it with Index, moving it up, when it is in 23, you direct it circle moving up Ring finger. Middle stays still.

A tip which could help you - When you grab it with Middle and Ring fingers, it should stay closer to upper phalange. Only for learning, when you master the trick, it can be made in middle phalange as well.

In one of the next videos I will show wonderful linkage which looks cool, doesn’t requires a lot of skill and teaches you concept of changing direction of pen’s movement. This video you will be able to find in a playlist with linkages and combos as well.

If this video helped you – I would be pleased to see your comment and like for sure. Subscribe to the channel if you want to learn how to spin a pen, may the style be with you, bye!


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