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Pen Spinning mod - Waterfall Mod REVIEW.


Hello, spinners! You’re on PenSpin and my name Alex. Today I will tell you about my favorite pen mod for now. Actually, my favorite pen mod since I got one 3 years ago. Since then I have spun a lot of different pen mods, some of them I do like, some of them not really, some of them I consider to be crap. Anyway now I can tell that if anybody would ever ask me which mod would I choose to stay with on a desert Island, I would say – Waterfall on a Super Pirat body.

It is a penmod 21.5 cm long, with a weight of 16 grams. Which  is a golden mean for penmod’s weight and golden mean of length as well.

I like its simple design – 2 big pieces of Dr. Grip grips on Reynolds 094 Caps and Signo Tips. I don’t know, guys, but when I first saw it on a photo, I told to myself – this is how a penmod should look. Nothing excessive, everything at its place, not too big and not too small working space, you can see and feel junction of body and caps, but it is too gentle to prevent your movement along the mod, which increases working space, at the same time you can feel and see good spot to make different arounds. Obviously long grips to do Wipers.

All spare parts of this mod are good quality expensive parts, well except Signo Tips, I don’t mean they are bad quality, but definitely not so expensive compared to other parts. This mod needs two Shaker grips after all. All of this makes it not so cheap as you might want to be. From the first view it also may look much cheaper than its real cost. That was my opinion, I thought so when I first saw it on a picture. But as soon as I got it, I understood that this expression was wrong.

Waterfall feels and looks for its price, it is a decent, solid mod.

Waterfall was made by an French Pen Spinning Board member – Skatox, and another pen spinner from the same community – Waterfall made this mod popular. Well, not only him.

This penmod is extremely popular due to its well-balanced build and a really good momentum. It would fit any type of pen spinners as you can perform a lot of different tricks in all styles.

It is pretty light help you control the pen during the movement. The pen does exactly what you want it to do, at the same time it spins really nice and easy It looks and feels like it flits in your hands like a butterfly. I mean you don’t need to apply extra force to make power tricks with Waterfall, yeah, probably they would be a little bit less easy to perform than with heavy mods, but as soon as you get used to Waterfall, this difference would become smaller and smaller. And you know, heavy mod are pretty hard to control, usually they do what they want, not you, lol. Don’t become slave of Buster CYL. Just kidding, I like Buster CYL.

Actually, I like 90% of penmods which I have, which I spin, some of them more, some - less. All of them you can order on penstock.net with the delivery all over the world, link in description below.

Still, Waterfall is a pretty contradictory mod. Some people, especially those who don’t like Super Pirat body, claim it the worst penmod of all. You may hear them to say:

1)      The body of Waterfall is too thin. And it is, indeed. Some say that if you have big palm, long fingers, it may look like a toy in your hand. But is it really true? Thickness of Super Pirat body is the same as Comssa’s body. It is not much thinner than Art Color body. It can be compared with a lot of bodies actually, if you think Super Pirat is thin for you -  well, you are going to miss a lot of good penmods for a wrong reason.

2)      The body of Waterfall feels like crude potato. I’d say – it strongly depends on how you clean Super Pirat. The ones which I have feel good. I really like how they feel more than Comssa. They are little bit more mat than Comssa, and it helps to keep a good cohesion with fingers, while Comssa is to glossy to my opinion, which feels a bit slippery during spinning.

These are all claims which I have heard regarding Waterfall, if you have some more – leave a comment on youtube under this video to show people, that I was wrong. I appreciate your opinions, guys.

If you liked this video – let me  know about that, check out other penmod reviews in a playlist about reviews, there are also other playlist which you might find interesting to see. Your support is important for me, it helps me do more videos about pen spinning, so share this video wherever you can, let your friends know about our underground world of pens.

May the style be with you, bye.



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