Hello, spinners! Alex Sukhov is here with something which would puzzle you for some time. We are going to break down the second part of Jeb-Like Wiper combo. Though the second part is not going to be so wiper as the first one, if you haven’t seen previous video – go and check it out, it is a really nice combo.

So the second part would looks like this. To learn it you would need to know how to do Index Bak, Inverse Sonic Reverse and Pinky Bak. Also you should be pretty confident with Arounds in general. This part is a low-intermediate mini-combo, but it also might take some time for you to learn, especially the last link.

Anyway, let’s get started, and to do it we need to go back for 1 link. As you remember, previous part ended with Charge 12 to writing position. Now we need to change direction of pen’s movement, to my mind it looks not so good, try to make as small pause changing direction as possible. Do linkage wiper reverse T1-12 to Charge reverse 12, holding the pen by its grip, all the fingers, besides Thumb and Index should be bent, and when the pen moves above Middle, at this angle, take Thumb away and raise Middle, grabbing the mod in 12. The pen should continue moving in circle, doing nice Charge Reverse Palm down holding the pen by grip.

You may practice it for a while to make sure it looks fine, then try to link Wiper and Charge.

After that you do pass reverse at the same position – Palm Down holding the mod by its grip and moving it horizontally. Pen makes circle motions passing from 12 to 23 and while it’s keeping rotating do another pass from 23 to 12, also holding the mod by the grip and at the same time turning the wrist to Palm Side when the pen is passes to 12, at that time you should already hold the pen by body, very close to cap.

Look closely – Charge Reverse 12 – Pass reverse 12-23 and as the pen goes round we turn the wrist Palm Side and grab it in 12. This movement should be pretty fast and your Index should be flexible enough to not to interfere it’s movement while the pen is in 23 and then straighten in time to grab it before it goes away. Because if you miss the right time, you wouldn’t be able to grab it in 12 and make Index Bak after that.

OK, let’s repeat whole this part. Wiper Reverse T1-12, Charge Reverse 12 and pass Reverse 12-23, turning the wrist, pass reverse 23-12, Index Bak.

This part could take you awhile to master, watch this mini-combo closely for several times to make sure you got it right, then pause the video and practice it, after that come back and we will continue.

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Now we need to link Index Bak with Inverse Sonic Reverse 12-23. And to do it you need to make sure you can do Index Bak with full rotation around this finger. After you start Index Bak the pen should return to the very same position where it started this trick. Keep Middle bent, then stop the mod with it and quickly move it away as you begin to perform Inverse Sonic Reverse. Make sure also to keep your pinky low while you do Inverse Sonic Reverse.

After your pen lands in 23, it continues to move round, raise your pinky and squeeze in 34. Now the hard part – you need to do Pinky Bak or Pinky BackAround, at this point it doesn’t matter.

OK, let’s repeat this part. Index Bak, Inverse Sonic Reverse 12-23, Pass 23-34, Pinky Bak. Just keep the moving in circles parallel to the floor and Palm Down. Ending is going to look cool, but would be pretty hard to learn. First of all, of course you should be comfortable with Pinky Bak, if you are – connect it with Finger Pass. Remember to hold the pen close to one tip with the bigger part looking away from you, now do Charge Reverse 23, keeping Pinky bent and when the pen would be placed athwart to your fingers – raise Pinky, lower Middle and shake your wrist to give enough initial inertia for the pen to go Around.

What do you think about the level of this combo – is it low-intermediate or intermediate, or beginner. Poll in the up left corner and we will find out the truth. Subscribe to the channel and push the bell to not to miss live-streams and new cool combos.



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