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WorldXM - Interview


1. How did you met PS?
I saw my high school friend doing a trick, at that time we didn't know there was an art form called Pen Spinning. He learned whatching someone doing it.
He taught me my first Pen spinning trick (Infinity). But I just learned for fidgeting and flourishing purposes for my magic tricks, I learned more moves from other people later but I did not know the moves names.
I always liked to fidget,manipulate objects to improve my social interations. 
Youtube was growing its community ever since, so I wanted to create a easy source for people to learn manipulation skills.
So to test if I can grow on youtube, I began to doing some tutorials with simple tricks that I knew back then. So consequelty... I began to search about the origin of the "Helicopter move"(ThumbAround) so I discovered the UPSB. 
In 2015 I learned about the Pen spinning art form and its community. It was far more deep and resourceful than I thought. 

2. Best mod for beginner?
If someone asks; I would recommend a balanced MX. 
But trying out many pens can teach the worst and the best to the user, changing and modifing the pen for your needs is an important part of the PS journey.

3. Did you tried PSing in public places?
I did use my PS skills to flourish my magic tricks. But never solely PS.

4. What do you think about Zhigao?
A very easy and little heavy toy to get for an inexpensive price. I used on the beginning of my youtube channel, but later I learned that the best pen is the one you made by yourself.

5. What do you think about your videos about PS?
My pen spinning videos was made to teach myself and help others to learn as fast and simple as possible. To be honest, teaching Penn spinning trick was a test, I would never guess it will become popular on youtube.
Many subscribers asked for more, so it was an incentive for myself to learn more about PS. 

6. Why people drop PSing?
I think everyone will drop something eventually, many will try out but only those who has true passion for the art will last. 
AND the art it's underrated; meaning we need more publicity incentive, so more can join and see if they like PSsing.

7. Your favourite spinner and why
Pinkupen 777, I found his speed and flow mesmerizing. He makes great combos with alot of Passes with MX.

8. What do you think : you made a very big contribution for PS or not?
No, I don't think I did something significant for the community. I just presented the art for a couple of people, nothing more than that.

9. What is the best way for improving skill in PS?
I believe that each one has and need to find by yourself the best way to learn a trick.
They need to think what makes a good spinner; Is it the flow? difficulty? Combo?
What I want to say is that you need to find the style that makes yourself proud and train for it.

10. Your wishes to PS community
I wish incentive and community awareness through the web. More EASY TO READ and organised resources (with images and videos), more people recording and improving not just spinning skills but video editing to display the art on its highest form.
The community it's very kind and helpful, I hope this warmth environment continues forever.

Thank you.


Prepared by Ivan Vegera


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