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x1213 - Interview


1. How do you do that? How much time did you spent for this trick with coin?

1. I am just inherently able to do that, without much practice. I don't think everyone is able to learn this trick.


2. How did you improved your tap-style? (Back tap, Spider tap, Cross tap)

2. Just try to be creative, and think about possibilities that others have not explored yet.


3.Did you thought to drop PS?

3. No, though currently I do not spend as much time on pen spinning as I did several years before.


4. What do you think about copying your links by other spinners and copying links at all?

4. I think copying other people's links is a good way to learn pen spinning. I would be happy if I see someone else doing my links.


5. What is the hardest trick for you?

5. I don't know. 


6. What is your aim in PS now?
6. No specific aim. Maybe improving the stability and quality of (live) pen spinning performance.


7. What will be better : PS will become very popular hobby or stays an underground one?

7. be a popular hobby.


8. How did you met PS?
8. saw a website about pen spinning tutorial.


9. What is your favourite trick?
9. backtap.


10. What is your favourite mod?
10. I am not so interested in mods.


11. What do you think about single-sided mods?12. Your wishes to PS community 
11. They are clearly not as good for pen spinning as double-sided mods. 12. I hope that there will be more exciting events and there will be more people joining the pen spinning community.

Prepared by Ivan Vegera

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