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  • Please read these terms.

  • International delivery cost to every country is fixed for all orders.
  • You will get tracking number in about 10 days in average after placing an order on Pen Stock. In most cases all pen mods are made manually, so they ned some time to be prepared for shipment to you.
  • Delivery dates may depend on our post, your local post, custom office of your country. Usually delivery itself takes a couple of weeks, but sometimes post may delay delivery for no particular reason. Unfortunately, we can do nothing to hurry it up, and can't take responsibility for it.
  • Holidays also slow down delivery dates, please take it into consideration.
  • While making order, make sure to mark adress on English or at least using ONLY English keyboard letters.

After you make order and payment for it, order picking starts, it may take 7-14 business days, after that I will send you a tracking number, which you can use to check current delivery stratus on any tracking web-site, for example: https://www.17track.net/