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Delivery cost is $7 to ANY country now

We deliver pen mods, spare parts for them and accessories for Pen Spinners to all countries of the world.

Currency of Pen Stock is USD, your currency will convert automatically.


Our shop makes deliveries to all countries - it doesn't matter, where you live nowadays - the shipping cost is always $6.

Delivery of goods for Pen Spinning from PENSTOCK.NET usually takes about 1-2 weeks. In general it is about 10 days. Delivery dates may depend on our post, your local post, custom office of your country.

Delivery dates don't depend on how far you live from PENSTOCK.NET

If some parts from your order are PRE-ORDERED - there are 2-3 additional weeks to the delivery.

Anyway the great majority of people receive everything for pen spinners from us within 14 days.

While making order, make sure to mark adress on English or at least using ONLY English keyboard letters. If you use symbols, which English keyboard doesn't have, our system will NOT recognise it and will change it, so we wouldn't know your address.

After you make order and payment for it, in 1-2 days (excluding weekends) after we will send you tracking number on e-mail, which you have left during making your order. You can track the package from this moment.

When you receive box with a package - open it with a sharp knife. All the mods are wrapped in stretch film, to unbox them - find edge of the film and unwrap your mod.