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Dorian LED

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  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Black
21.4 cm
25.5 gr
Crayola ST
Double/Single Capped
Double Capped
15.25 $
11.96 $
In stock: 499 pcs
15.25 $
11.96 $
In stock: 494 pcs
15.25 $
11.96 $
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13.45 $
11.96 $
In stock: 493 pcs

Wonderful, beautiful, a very good alternative to LED EST mod – these Dorian LED mods – is what you need, if you want a trippy spin for a mid-lower price. Dorian consists of a clear Crayola ST body, 2 LED caps, 2 Air fit tips and 1 Dr. Grip grip. One of Dorians is not on Crayola – it is based on a Miffy & Melanie body

There are also 4 white rubber rings – 2 from each side for a better momentum. I mean, even better, because, really, the momentum is wild. Dorians weigh 25.5 gram, which is extremely heavy for an average pen spinner, but – LED mods are not for learning, they are for grooving. And I know, some of you, guys, love to spin Giotto mosters, so for those of you, and for those of you, who love power style – this one is going to be a good pen mod not only for trippy spin, but for learning new tricks as well – length is average – 21.4 cm.

Dorian subjectively feels a bit more solid, than Twilight and LED EST due to its design- it has only 1 Crayola body instead of 2 combined bodies. 

What I like most – colorful beautiful inserts. Each of them really ties the whole pen mod together and this is a distinctive feature of Dorian LED mods on Crayola. M&M version obviously doesn’t have insert. Body feels nice, but it is not clear.

For each cap color there is a different insert.

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10.64 $
9.95 $
In stock: 474 pcs
14.49 $
13.55 $
In stock: 486 pcs
15.25 $
13.10 $
In stock: 499 pcs
what is the size of Dorian
Máximo Razetto
This is such a beautiful pen mod
I bought this a week ago and when it came to me one of the bulbs was broken i tried to fix it and i realised that the bulb burnt out so i haven't use this pen mod because it doesn't look good having one side of the pen glowing and the other not.

(This is a Large and Heavy mod which i would not recommend for beginners)

*would not recommend if you live abroad*
jamesheart roxas
i want tha pen because soo... amezing i will buy that one soon

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