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Dorian LED - Pen Spinning mod review


Wonderful, beautiful, a very good alternative to LED EST mod – these Dorian LED mods – is what you need, if you want a trippy spin for a mid-lower price.

Hello, you are on Pen Stock – channel about Pen Spinning and today we will have a close look to a nice find, which I got just recently, a few days ago, and loved it from the start. You know, I have a video about TOP 5 best LED pen spinning mods. So, I think, this one should definitely be in there instead of Bicycle LED mod, as Dorian LED seems to be a great golden mean between expensive LED EST and cheap Twilight mod.

Dorian consists of a clear Crayola ST body, 2 LED caps, 2 Air fit tips and 1 Dr. Grip grip. One of Dorians is not on Crayola – it is based on an original Miffy & Melanie body – I heard a lot about it, but have never tried it myself... Till this time, yeah, everything has its first time. M&M Dorian feels differently, it is much shorter, and a bit lighter than Crayola based ones. It has shorter working space, but it’s still enough for a comfort spinning. As for me, it is easier to control, due to a better balance and calmer momentum, but I think, it is too short for such weight.

Today I will speak more about Crayola Dorian LED mods, though. M&M version deserves a separate review or at least more in depth comparison.

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So, There are also 4 white rubber rings – 2 from each side for a better momentum. I mean, even better, because, really, the momentum is wild. Dorians weigh 25.5 gram, which is extremely heavy for an average pen spinner, but – LED mods are not for learning, they are for grooving. And I know, some of you, guys, love to spin Giotto mosters, so for those of you, and for those of you, who love power style – this one is going to be a good pen mod not only for trippy spin, but for learning new tricks as well – length is average – 21.4 cm.

Dorian subjectively feels a bit more solid, than Twilight and LED EST due to its design- it has only 1 Crayola body instead of 2 combined bodies. Ehhh, too bad I don’t have LED EST now in stock. Leave a like, if we get 100 of them under this video on YouTube, I will get them and make full comparison of 3 best LED pen mods out there.

What I like most – colorful beautiful inserts. Each of them really ties the whole pen mod together and this is a distinctive feature of Dorian LED mods on Crayola. M&M version obviously doesn’t have insert. Body feels nice, but it is not clear.

For each cap color there is a different insert, right now I have just these colors, because I liked them more, but there are others and soon enough you are going to see them on penstock.net as well. All are based on different anime characters, none of them I know, not a big fan of anime, though there were a few, which I liked deeply.

Of course, I know Pikachu, though have never watched Pokemon – was already old for this sh.t, when they started to show them in our country.

But of course I know Pikachu - who doesn’t? You?

And the real fun starts, when you turn the light off and sink into the darkness, because it is a LED mod, for God sake! It was made to give you trippy spin in the dark.

It gives you a weird feeling of being in unreality, it is hard to express or explain and unfortunately, camera just can’t convey this feeling, no matter how hard I tried, you can only check it by yourself in person, holding a pen mod and spinning It by yourself.

When you can see this wonderful colorful plume and mesh of lights, when you feel, that you control this magic, when after some time you just move to another dimension, somewhere between dream and reality, where you have no thoughts except for this hypnotic glow dance. If you know, what I mean – let me know about that in the comment section below this video on YouTube.

And if you can spin freestyles and have never tried LED mods – you definitely should do it.

LED mods mostly are not for learning, but without them your experience will lack a very important part of fun, which Pen Spinning can give. Simple pen mods will never give you, what LED mods can – completely another side of our realm, a trip, which most of people will never be able to know.


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