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Miguel Marques
Hello I'm from and I'm thinking about buy a v3 flower from your site but I don't know where the product come from so I'm horried my product will stop in Portugal's customshouse because if that happend I will pay a tax. Can you guaranted that it will no happend
Pen Stock

Please write to
Artjom Sinitson
Очень удобный сайт.
Большой выбор.Много информации.
Помогающие видео для выбора пен мода.
Только была небольшая задержка при зборе по причини отсуствии деталею. Жду мод !
Drusilla Olivier
We ordered a mod about 2 months ago and no tracking were received yet. Kindly investigate and provide feedback.
Pen Stock
Please email me your order number or email number, from which you have made your order. This email doesn't match any order.
I will check out, what's happening with it at instance.
I did not get my tracking information but i paid all of the funds.
Pen Stock
Please read the delivery terms, your order has beed made yesterday, it is being proceed now.
i didnt get my pen but i paid a few wekks ago, please reply
Pen Stock

Please send the number of your order to
For this account there were no orders.
Before that you can also check your spam folder, because you tracking number may be there.
The pen mods I have received were.Good and made with good quality I ordered a menowa st and a flying panda
Pen Stock
Thanks for your feedback:)
Mary McDonald
Yeah I still haven't been emailed a tracking number and It was ordered on the 26th of February. Plz respond
Pen Stock
Please check spam folder of your email. Your track has been sent long ago.
Christopher Miller
I orders airfit parts for an Ivan and paid with PayPal. The money came out of my account but the order form said I didn't pay any of it and the parts never showed up.
Pen Stock
Hello! Please check your spam folder in email box. Your tracking number has been sent to you.
When are you shipping my order. Please reply as this is the first time I am shipping from you.
Pen Stock
Hello! Please check your spam folder in email box. Your tracking number has been sent to you.
Hey you should make an amazon shop it will just be easier for a lot of people
Pen Stock
It is prettycomplicated
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