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Can u pls have stock for flying panda.thks
Alexandros Pelekanos
Can you stock on flower v series ?
Hjalte Grundfør Ærbo Hjorth
Are You deliver to denmark?
Pedro Lousinha
I really like your shop but I found your accessories bit to be very lacking. You have no pictures for this tect thing which you never talked about, and you also stopped selling pen mod tubes and racks. You also never sold cases which I think you should. Other that that, keep the shop running and do what you like.
When will go on sale flying panda ?
Miguel Lee
Hi, your store is amazing, but i think you could actually make it better by selling cases for your mods. Advanced people would be more interested in buying something off your store, since they already know how to make a mod. I know and watched about these special cases for the mods. I hope these advice is helpfull. Thank you for the 12ve peña mod, don’t stop doing what you like.
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