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Final Round. Spinbol Cup 2019



Final Round of Pen Spinning Tournament Spinbol Cup 2019, we have made it till this point, almost there, today it is the most important battle of this year. TO find out, who will be in this Round, let’s watch, whom you have decided to choose in Round 2, also we will find out, what our experts think about each battle. At the end of the video we will also find out the name of the winner, who predicted results of this battle.

The first battle was between:

Yerkosh and LimeZz


First of all I would like to mention that there was a lot of spam in both combos. Both of them have some slowdowns, but in overall execution was fine.

Yerkosh have done his hardest elements in the beginning and fill the rest of his combo with spam. When Limezz spreaded his spam through out his combo. This is why it didn’t feel like there was much spam at first (even though his combo was almost 30 seconds long). And Limezz’ links were a bit more difficult than Yerkoshes.

And this is why I am gonna vote for Limezz

Stay with me

Yerkosh vs LimeZz. For a long time I could not decide to whom I would award the victory in this battle. The decision would be a little easier if Yerkosh didn’t let two noticeable slowdowns in the combo - one at 9, the second at 12 seconds of the combo. Nevertheless, I would give a voice to him, because watching combos for half a minute (no offense, LimeZz) is simply tiring, given that in my opinion all the interesting elements could fit in the same 15 seconds as Yerkosh’s.

Yerkosh showed very strong and nice beginning Comb and Iteza trick went one after another , but then he, like, shriveled up a bit and began to spam. LimezZ’s combo was way too long again, to my mind, there was not so many power-spam elements, as before, in the First Round, execution was smooth, filming is great, my vote would go  for him.

And votes agreed, 130 votes against 35, LimezZ is one of two contenders for the First Place in Spinbol Cup, who guaranteed gets one of 2 prizes.

The second battle –

IceCarbon vs LaKeR


This time the situation is exactly the opposite as in the previous battle. If previously we had one excessively long combo this time we have one combo which is too short.

So execution was fine in both combos.
Also they have quite similar looking links.
But I think this time Laker wins because he showed us more than his opponent. The reason for this is that
his combo was longer.

I would like to give an advice to everybody who wants to compete in the future. You should be able to show off your skills in diapason of 18-20 seconds. And this will be a perfect length for a penspinning combo

Stay with me

The situation is similar to the previous battle, but IceCarbon combo in only 10 seconds, despite the fact that it was performed almost flawlessly, is more suitable for some kind of collab than for battle. And since Laker has no visible flaws, except for unnecessary hand movements, then in my opinion he is a little stronger in this battle.

As well as in the previous battle, I liked both combos, IceCarbon’s was too short though and not so smooth as LaKeR’s. And also LaKeR had more complex elements in his combo.  But as well, he also made it way too long and filled with spam-elements. If it was about twice shorter and concentrated, it would look much better.

To my mind, LaKeR is the winner in this battle. People’s Voice agreed – 120 votes for LaKeR, 25 – for IceCarbon. Which shows us the second contender for the First Price.

And now we are ready to begin the Final Round of the Tournament! Prepare to vote in the main battle in our community of this year, 2 strongest pen spinners, who has made it throughout the whole Spinbol Cup, defeated their opponents now are ready to fight to each other. Meet:

LimeZz vs LaKeR

Now it is the time for you to watch both combos again, maybe slow down each of them and choose the Champion in the poll – right now.

OK, to take part in a drawingof pen mods from penstock.net, write down, whom you have chose, who is going to be the winner of Spinbol Cup 2019, and if your prediction is right, and if Randomizer will choose you, I will send you a nice pen mod with my congratulations!

And now let’s find out, who was lucky enough to win a pen mod last time, because each Round you, guys, had chance to win the poll.

My congratualtions to the winner! To get your prize, please write email to shop@penstock.net with your full name, country, address and postal code. Spinners, I’ll see you in the next video, my name is Alex Suhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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