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Flower v5

Article: ZW-1005 red Sale
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  • Blue
  • red
  • Yellow
21.3 cm
20 gr
Double/Single Capped
Double Capped
Pen Mods Series
Flower Series
Manually made
Pen mods may differ from pictures
8.45 $
In stock: 437 pcs
8.45 $
In stock: 468 pcs
8.45 $
In stock: 455 pcs




4.96 $
In stock: 320 pcs
4.43 $
In stock: 207 pcs
6.55 $
In stock: 330 pcs
5.49 $
In stock: 348 pcs
Aboumezrag lahcen
Pen: Flower v5 red color
20 gr
really good
Gordon Lu
Phenomenal pen mod, here is my in-depth review as an experienced pen spinner

Shipping was a pain, but it arrived after a month and a week (I live in Canada, I feel this was pretty quick as many other people get theirs after multiple months)

key details- you cannot have the LED and the writing pen on at the same time, you will need to alternate when writing and for LED spinning by switching caps,

10/10 LED, the lights are amazing, and switch color as well. Very easy to activate LED as you just slide the switch

9/10 mod- good to spin, but with the pen on it gets a bit light, but with the LED on it is very easy to spin and has a good weight

This mod is a bit slim, but for its cost and value as a mod that can write and have LED is amazing. Would highly recommend for people who want to spin while in school.

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