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  • violet
21.5 cm
21 gr
Double/Single Capped
Double Capped
19.58 $
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HAL KT is a good heavy Dr. series pen mod.

Dr. Grip tips and grips on CT caps from both side of Miffy & Melanie body.

This pen spinning mod is a bit (very) similar to Bonkura KT or Bonkura ACT, but on different body.

This body feels lighter and no so harsh as Art Color body.

At the same time momentum becomes stronger, pen mod spins more willing.

But balance is not that steady and tends to shift to one of two ends while you make top spin tricks.

You have to spend some time with this pen mod to truly love it and of course to get used to its balance. Once you’ve spent about half to an hour, you will like it.

Especially if you like Dr. AC or Bonkura KT and think, that after spinning them your fingers ache.  

I like DR. Series mods and think, they are never too many of them in shop, so I will definitely place this pen mod to Pen Stock shop, so you could try it yourself

Another decent heavy pen mod. I like it, would not recommend to complete newbies, because it is too heavy for learning first tricks.

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