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How to checkout - cart

Hello again! We are in a cart with goods, which we have chosen in the previous step. Now to proceed with the order we need to fill the following forms. 

Here everything is pretty simple, I have just one important plea: please fill the forms using only English letters, if you have other symbols – just replace them with similar English letters, my system doesn’t understand other symbols, and system of Russian post also doesn’t work with them. So each time I have to find them and replace.

Country – you mark your country, of course.

City and delivery address – make sure you mark this field, so your local post will be able to find you, I mean, there are people, who just write down USA, California, and good luck, postman! Yeah, as I don’t know your local area, so there is no need to mark some landmarks. Just type in your address, that will be enough.

And don’t forget about postcode, if you are from Hong Kong or another place, which doesn’t have postcode – just fill it with X or 0, otherwise – it is a very important info.

OK, here you go with your full name – for also and email – to get your tracking number. By that tracking number you will be able to know, where your package is at and what’s going on with it.

After that just click Checkout button and move on to Payment methods – bank card or PayPal.