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Two steps to learn how to do a basic, fundamental trick in Pen Spinning – from basic concept to mastering the trick. If you want to learn how to spin a pen - you have opened the right video on a right channel.

Hello, you are on Pen Stock, a channel about Pen Spinning and today I will show you, how to do Sonic. It looks like this and during this trick a pen goes from one slot to another behind one of your fingers.

You can do Sonic in slots 34-23 and 23-12. I will show you, how to do it, using Ring, Middle and Index fingers, after that you can and you should learn it in 34-23 using the same conception. Sonic can be done with your Palm Up, Palm Side and Palm Down.

So to do Sonic take your pen mod in 23 closer to one of its tips with the bigger part looking away from you. Put this tip here, in Thumb flap, for that you might need to bend fingers a little, so initial position would look somewhat like this – Middle, Ring and Pinky are bent a little. Actually, it doesn’t matter, what happens with Pinky, you can place it as you want. Middle finger is a bit above Ring, Index looks up and Thumb is up and bent a little towards other fingers. Don’t tense your fingers, keep them relaxed.

Without a pen it would look like this.

Now push your pen with your Middle finger and at the same time move Thumb away, releasing tip out of Thumb Flap, at the same time raise Ring, bumping a pen up, this tip of a pen should slide down, like this.

Now we need to not to let it fall and move behind Middle finger to a slot 12. For that you need to do this kind of a lock with your Index and Ring fingers. Practice to connect them behind Middle finger for a while to make sure you have no problem doing it. Bend Middle a little, connect fingers and repeat it for several times.

After that, again, push a pen with your Middle, move Thumb away and raise Ring finger, bumping this side of your pen up. And while you are raising your Ring finger – move it closer to Index, and Index – closer to Ring, making this lock for a pen mod to prevent it from flying around your place.

This step is going to show you a basic concept of how to do a basic trick in Pen Spinning – Sonic.

Now we need to make an actual trick. It would be much MUCH easier, if you already can do Charge, I have several videos about this trick and highly recommend you to watch at least one of them – link in the description and in this card – before you try to learn how to do actual Sonic.

Now take your mod in initial position to making Charge – fingers are bent, Thumb is away, you don’t place one of tips in Thumb Flap, don’t need to do it, as initial rotation is going to start by Charge motion. Your pen is placed close to athwart to a floor. Your Middle is bit above Ring finger, and when you straighten all the fingers, you straighten Ring more and faster, than Middle, pushing a pen out. You need to throw your pen with your Ring finger and keep Middle down to let a mod move over it. At the same time again move Index closer to your Ring finger and connect the 2 fingers, making this kind of lock.

So the whole movement is pretty similar to previous step, except for initial  movement.

In the first comment to this video I put a link to spinbol.com – special place for pen spinners with pen spinning games and talking area. So there is a separate post about Sonic – make a video of you trying to do this trick there and ask others, if you have troubles with it in there. And when you are good with it – help beginners to master it by replying their questions.

If you want to know more tricks, want to make things like this, want to take part in Pen Spinning games and competitions – get yourself a properly made pen mod, which is going to make your learning easier and much more joyful. After using a pen mod, learning tricks with a simple pen would also be much easier, if you are up for it. You can get a pen mod from me on penstock.net to any country of the world for the fixed low delivery price. Or you can try your luck by taking part in a monthly drawing  for 47 cents you can win awesome prizes online, at the same time you will help Pen Spinning grow, as all the funds go directly to Spinbol’s development.

Now stop watching video tutorials of Sonic and just do it really. No theory video is going to give you this skill, only practice. And believe me, if you have enough fingers – you can do it, just keep on trying. After you are done with this trick – go on to learn Thumb Around. I am Alex Sukhov and I wish you good luck with all that. May the style be with you, bye!


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