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How to pay by credit card

How to make payment using my credit Card - Visa, MasterCard or Mir

While making an order – choose Visa/Mastercard as your payment method,


on the next pag you click PAY button and proceed to the page of Invoicebox provider.



It is a pretty big payment system Aeroflot, the main Russian airline, use it as their payment system. And here you see the number of your order and bill amount. According to Russian law it is shown in Rubles, that’s why you see this symbol, it is OK, because anyway the total amount will be converted to your currency according to currency rate.


We click the first button – pay now, and here we see this little window, which says, that you can read agreement and policy rules by clicking this link.

Fill all the necessary fields with your card information and click “pay” button.


Actually, that’s it, in one/two days you will get an email from me with your tracking number and in about 2 weeks you will be able to finally do pen spinning with a properly made pen mod, which, I know for sure, will definitely help you a lot and will bring tons of positive emotions.