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Levin LED

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  • purple and blue
21.5 cm
20 gr
Double/Single Capped
Double Capped
42.47 $
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  1. A true master piece of an LED pen mod. I can’t imagine an LED pen mod better, than this one, if you ask me. Yes, it is pricey, but it totally worth each penny you spend on getting it.
  2. I love Levin’s design and even it would be enough for me to get one in my personal collection – I mean beautiful inserts, awesome looking caps.
  3. I don’t know, you really have to be a really good designer, an artist to create a pen mod, which looks like Levin’s. I loved it from the first glance.
  4. But when I turned lights off and turned LEDs on – my mind was blown! Frankly speaking, when I ordered a one for myself, I didn’t even know, that it was shinning. You have to use some tool in order to turn LEDs on.
  5. A simple paper-fastener will work just fine for this purpose. By turning it this tip around you can make it shine or open to change batteries.
  6. Usually batteries in LED mods don’t need to be replaced, by the way. I have some pen mods, which were turned on for months. Just laid in a box, where I didn’t notice they were turned on. And they still have a lot of charge to keep on shining.
  7. So most likely you will use it just to turn LEDs on and off.
  8. So beautiful design itself, LED inside – this is already enough to get a pen mod, right? Well, yeah, it is. But Levin’s also has good spinning parameters.
  9. It is heavy, but not that heavy, you can use it as you main pen mod without any doubts, as 19.5 gr is an OK weight for a pen mod for powertricks, for example.
  10. Momentum is more than enough for such tricks, but it is not overwhelming. For such weight I’d say, that momentum is gentle, which allows you to practice different kinds of tricks.
  11. It spins great, well-balanced. I don’t know, but it doesn’t feel that heavy, and I am sure, if you would want to make it lighter – you can just take batteries out and just enjoy it that way. Yeah, for me 20 gr is pretty much. But you know, usually LED mods weigh more.
  12. You can feel that Levin’s mod was made by a talented pen modder and it is one of those pen mods, which are rare. It stands out from all types of pen mods.
  13. I thought a lot trying to find something bad to say about it, so this review wouldn’t seem so ecstatic. And I think, that price would be sort of a downfall. Yeah, spinners, this pen mod is not for everyone, consider taking it if you are truly serious about pen spinning.
  14. I also wouldn’t recommend ordering it, if you don’t have other proper pen mods, it is always better to have a few simple pen mods, than one great one.
  15. Also some people might find barrel too dense, which makes it feel harsh.
  16. When I take beatteries and LEDs out it feels softer, but momentum is still there. Now it feels like a pen mod for developing smoothness.
  17. Rather than that I can’t say anything against it.
  18. Beautiful exclusive pen mod for true gentlemen of virtue.

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