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Tigres mini-combo #2



Cool looking, but pretty easy to get - Pen Spinning mini-combo. In this video tutorial I will break down and explain in details, how to do PVG Tigres mini-combo #2. Pen mod from the video:

Waterfall mod: https://penstock.net/shop/product/waterfall-mod-siniy

Pen Spinning trick tutorials to learn how to do this combo: TWISTED SONIC trick tutorial: https://youtu.be/Pij3diiitcg

FINGER PASS Reverse: https://youtu.be/PMsiejMSZUE

Thumb Around - basic Pen Spinning trick: https://youtu.be/ad9HpOXeBTc

To connect two mini-combos and make one long combo you need to know, how to do:

TIGRES SIMPLE COMBO #1: https://youtu.be/_TA0-IAGSuQ


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