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Moira 25.11.2019 13:51
I am still waiting for my pen for 20 days the shiping its so bad!

Sergiu 07.11.2019 17:14
I am still waiting for my pen for 20 days the shiping its so bad!

Georgi 03.11.2019 21:01

I have exactly the same problem as the man before me (Yohan). I paid the order on 20/10/1019 but did not receive the shipment tracking code. I wrote to the given email but did not receive a reply.

Best regards,


Yohan 02.11.2019 23:29
I ordered my flying panda and bought it with the link you guys sent me with the email, I've being waiting for days and I did not receive an email about tracking my order, I don't even know if I got scam or not or when my order is comming, I've sent emails for help but did not get respond... I hope I did not pay this for nothing

Best regards


Lkki101 01.11.2019 04:25
Please restock pens

charlie 30.10.2019 10:03
i just recived my pen it took alittile bit longer than expected thank you!!

Charlie 28.10.2019 06:18
I have not recived my pen (flower v5) i have been waiting 5 whole weeks im from tasmania (it says it should take 1-2 weeks which i think is a lie now) it just saying that it is in aus and is "getting checked" by the operator if you could get back to me soon that would be great! But i have to wait longer than 6 weeks i will never order from here EVER again

Kind regards,


Louis somme 26.10.2019 02:15
I bought a ivan mod 14days ago but its not delivered yet is it normal ? On the order status, it says waiting for suppliment i’m a bit disapointed ..

Alfie 14.09.2019 18:43
flying panda pen just vanished of the website I'm disappointed

John 10.08.2019 10:57
Hi! Im JOHN from the Philippines can you make a BUSTER CYL for a low cost. THANK YOU




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