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Nikita 19.08.2022 15:45
Where is my tracking number? Tracking number is 17338 (49069706). Just give me it. Or your website is a scam. I easilly can go to the police and write a report on this

Nikita 07.08.2022 14:38
I ordered a penmod 17 days ago and I want to know whether my tracking number was sent or not

Bulda 11.01.2020 21:33
Still waiting for my pen, 24 days from sending order and nothing came. On the tracking site it says the order being transported and it is in my country. But nothing in post, nothing came...

Moira 25.11.2019 14:51
I am still waiting for my pen for 20 days the shiping its so bad!

Sergiu 07.11.2019 18:14
I am still waiting for my pen for 20 days the shiping its so bad!

Georgi 03.11.2019 22:01

I have exactly the same problem as the man before me (Yohan). I paid the order on 20/10/1019 but did not receive the shipment tracking code. I wrote to the given email but did not receive a reply.

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Yohan 03.11.2019 00:29
I ordered my flying panda and bought it with the link you guys sent me with the email, I've being waiting for days and I did not receive an email about tracking my order, I don't even know if I got scam or not or when my order is comming, I've sent emails for help but did not get respond... I hope I did not pay this for nothing

Best regards


Lkki101 01.11.2019 05:25
Please restock pens

charlie 30.10.2019 11:03
i just recived my pen it took alittile bit longer than expected thank you!!

Charlie 28.10.2019 07:18
I have not recived my pen (flower v5) i have been waiting 5 whole weeks im from tasmania (it says it should take 1-2 weeks which i think is a lie now) it just saying that it is in aus and is "getting checked" by the operator if you could get back to me soon that would be great! But i have to wait longer than 6 weeks i will never order from here EVER again

Kind regards,