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Louis somme 26.10.2019 03:15
I bought a ivan mod 14days ago but its not delivered yet is it normal ? On the order status, it says waiting for suppliment i’m a bit disapointed ..

Alfie 14.09.2019 19:43
flying panda pen just vanished of the website I'm disappointed

John 10.08.2019 11:57
Hi! Im JOHN from the Philippines can you make a BUSTER CYL for a low cost. THANK YOU

Artem 26.06.2019 16:07
Посылка пришла быстро. До Архангельска доехала за 5 дней (не считая времени обработки заказа - 2 дня). Заказом доволен. Ручка понравилась, выполнена качественно. Конечно, не очень привычно, когда стоимость доставки больше стоимости товара, но зато быстро :). Магазин рекомендую.

Дима 10.06.2019 22:54
Номер моего заказа: 78216-70215-55726-11686

Дима 10.06.2019 22:40
Я сделал заказ неделю назад и оплатил позавчера, мне объяснили что заказ через пару дней снимается, подскажите пожалуйста как можно быстрее исправить

Fiyon 03.05.2019 11:18
Do a tutorial in shadow and Bak with all it's variations

Pser's fan 27.04.2019 08:04
Why the waterfall mod is more cheap than your shop?

Damon Johnson 27.04.2019 00:29
Can you tell me how to check my shipment? What website do I need to use to check it with the tracking number provided from my order?

Pen Stock
You can check on
for example

ATMP 23.04.2019 16:54
order received in two weeks, I ordered products that do not match what I ordered. in short I am disappointed I do not recommend this site

Pen Stock
Is that about you thinking, that AirFit was 4.9 gr and you measured them as 4.4 gr? Please note, that they are basically 4.5-4.6 gr. Maybe black ones are indeed 4.4 gr, but really, give us some credit, don't be disappointed with such reasons.