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What is better – simple pens or pen mods? What’s gonna lead to Pen Spinning’s prosperity? (Nothing)

Hello, you are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning. Some time ago I got a message from nhk9, first moderator of the UPSB, that’s something. Back those days I had no idea about this hobby, so can’t tell you much about this guys, except for what told by himself.

I found a topic, which he brings out interesting and deserving a discussion. And today I will tell you my opinion on this. As usual, you are free to share yours in a comment section below, but not before you take a pen mod in your hand and watch this video till the end, practicing whatever you are working on these days.

So first of all nhk9 – I don’t know, what it means and how this nickname should be pronounced correctly, so sorry, if I say it wrong. He claims, that he has witnessed progress of Pen Spinning since 2002. So that’s an old-school view at the point. Nhk9 tells, quote: “that Modified-Pen Spinning has made Pen Spinning less attractive for the people who are not familiar with Pen Spinning”.

You can read the whole message on your screen, I will just rephrase some points and tell you what I think about them one by one.

The  main reason he sees, is in hardness of new tricks in Pen Spinning. Most of them are impossible to perform with simple pens and… I totally agree with this statement. Indeed, using simple pens makes it almost impossible to compete with modern pen spinners. It doesn’t mean, that we need to lower our skill to be equal to an overage potential newcomer’s level, right?

What we can see nowadays is very far away from what pen spinners of the past could show and could do. But I don’t see any bad in this. It just means, that our activity develops, it doesn’t stand still, it moves forward, and it is great!

I’ll tell you more – what people of these days can do is going to seem to next generation very simple. Because right now Pen Spinning is far away from its peak and hard things are waiting us ahead, we haven’t discovered whole depth of World of Pen Spinning yet.

NHK9 continues: “since most people don't have the time/resources or don't know how to make modified pens, it's impossible for newcomers to do some of these new tricks”

Let beginners begin with easier tricks, they don’t need to jump into hard stuff right away. Basics and fundamentals don’t go anywhere and they don’t require you to spend a lot of time and effort on making a modified pen. But what I can see is much faster learning of new-comers, it could be a result of bigger variety of pen spinning related content, availability and variety of tools for development of this skill.

What I find extremely wrong in this sentence is this: “most people don't have the time/resources or don't know how to make modified pens”. First of all, let’s not look up to most of people and what they have time and resources for.  For a totally majority pen spinning is just a nice way to spend time, it’s an activity, a hobby. It’s OK to spend time and resources on your hobby, that’s how it works, most of activities, if not all of them, require some efforts, maybe a few sacrifices, I can’t name any decent activity, which doesn’t require any equipment...

You don’t buy another game for Play Station and choose to buy a bunch of good pen mods, which would serve you for several years.

And if one has no time for that, maybe it means, he is not dedicated at all, not even for a little bit into Pen Spinning. Why do we need to care about him? Yeah, before there were a lot of troubles with getting stuff for pen spinners, but now, since we have penstock.net, where you can get everything you need without any troubles within 2 weeks in any country of the world for a fixed price for delivery, what’s your exuse?

All you need to do is to open a video with TOP 5 pen mods for beginners, choose one, which you like and get it. Recently I was able to lower prices sufficiently, by the way, not sure about how long I would be able to keep them so low. Yeah, there also is a filter in the shop, you can filter by good mods for beginners.

A lot of people do this, others make their own mods, everyone, who gives a little bit of sh… has no problem with getting modified pens. You can also try luck in a monthly giveaway by just picking a Spinbol Token and win pen mods, more about that in the description of this video.

If you don’t want to spend time and resources on them, it is totally OK, but it means, that you are not serious, you are not a pen spinner, just a guy or a girl, who wants to learn some cool tricks with simple pens. In this case I have a whole playlist on my channel with such tricks – simple and spectacular.

But it doesn’t mean, that I should look back at you and stop Pen Spinning from progressing, because you don’t really want to evolve within it. Not you, I mean, hypothetical person, potential pen spinner.

I would compare it with guitar playing. You get much more satisfaction and get much better sound from a good guitar with a good amplifier, which leads you to a better progress in this skill. And you don’t really care, that another person has an out of tune paddle and can’t get enough fun out of it, which leads him to a slower progress. It doesn’t mean, that other guitarists have to play worse, because that particular person can’t play as good, as they can.

OK, further, nhk9 says, that nowadays modified pens have become bigger than spinning, which is a shame, as he thinks, and also don’t agree with both parts. I don’t think, that pen mods are bigger, than the spinning, at least for the majority of people. But they certainly play a significant role in the hobby. Significant and emeritus. Yes, they mean a lot. And I don’t think it is a shame. It is OK to want to have more professional tool for your hobby. At the end of the day it is all about emotions you receive from your activity. If you like it – you progress better, you spend time with joy. And better your tool is – more you like your activity.

Various pen mods give you various senses and diverse your experience, which also makes Pen Spinning be more attractive.

Not to mention, that pen modding is a whole world within Pen Spinning, a separate branch, hobby in a hobby. People get fun out of making those mods and sharing results with others.

I love pen mods, I love trying different ones, but they are not bigger, than the spinning, at least for me.

Continue: “which is a shame because Pen Spinning's attractive to me back when I was younger, was its simple appeal”

What can I say, you can’t stop progress, and I try to do everything I can to make this progress happenJ But with or without me, Pen Spinning will develop, because it is awesome. And I really think that “simple appeal” is not quite a right thing for it to be attractive. I think, that strong community, based on multifaceted nature of our beloved hobby – that’s what should make it attractive for new comers.

“Now, it's more about building pens purposefully to do certain tricks, which is alright, but not how I had imagined Pen Spinning would become”

Not that I agree, that PS now is more about building pens to do certain tricks, choosing a pen mod varies on your style, personal preferences, other stuff, not just certain tricks.

So, that’s an opinion of nhk9, thank you for sharing it with us. I also told you my point of you, now it is up to you to decide, who is closer to your opinion, what you think, about all this, as it is a nice thing to think of.

I am Alex Sukhov, May the style be with you, bye.



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