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Pen Spinning for beginners - step by step guide


✔️Check your Pen Spinning level: https://penstock.net/pen-spinning-levels

👍Useful Pen Spinning videos: 
🌟PEN MODS OR SIMPLE PENS IN PEN SPINNING?: https://youtu.be/cwmkWv_qTNs
🌟Tricks with simple pens: shorturl.at/kwEO5
🌟How to make a Bictory pen mod: https://youtu.be/2rVqB_vsOnE

🌟Pen Spinning tricks learning order: https://youtu.be/MDi1a-hZbnU
🌟Basic Pen Spinning Tricks: https://youtu.be/S6Fh9JTLb1k
🌟Why Zhigao mods are bad: https://youtu.be/y_A_NN3eARs

Pen Spinning shop: https://penstock.net/

🌟How to train your pinky finger: https://youtu.be/C7xgRWlgY_w

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Pen Spinning Tricks Tutorials: https://goo.gl/4rSfa1
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  1. Pen Spinning is a great hobby – you look awesome, when you do it, it doesn’t require special place, you can practice wherever and whenever you want, Anyone can learn these tricks – you don’t have to have some special gifts like ear for music or enormous dexterity or any talent – anyone can learn these tricks, but at the same time very few people would really do it. And it will make you stand out.
  2. There are a lot of reasons, why Pen Spinning is one of the best hobbies out there. It also has good effects on your physical and mental health and so on and so forth - this video is not about that.
  3. Here I will give you a step by step guide, which will help you to start your pen spinning journey easier. And eventually reach sky-high levels in it, if that’s what you want.

Bictory mod

  1. And let’s get started with an antinomy. It is called pen spinning, but a very few people actually spin pens, we spin these awesome looking tools, which sometimes can write. And if you think to start with a simple pen – I recommend you to not to do it, there are several reasons for it, I have a separate video regarding this, I guess. If I have – will leave link in description, if I don’t – will make such video.
  2. I have seen a lot of beginners failing with simple pens and dropping pen spinning because of it.
  3. We enjoy pen spinning with pen mods with certain parameters. They all feel different and give different experience. So first of all I recommend you to make your first pen mod, which is called Bictory Mod. If you want to do pen spinning with simple pens – anyway I recommend you to learn tricks with a pen mod first, then try to master them with simple pens.
  4. I have a video about how to make one on my channel, you know where to find it. It also can write – for it is not something good, but many  of total beginners love writable pen mods, at least before they try the ones, which can’t write.
  5. You can find spare parts in all countries. Such Bictory mod will cost you about 5 US dollars – give or take, It will give you general concept of pen spinning mods and will be OK for learning your first tricks and even some mini-combos.

Tricks Levels

  1. Now to tricks.
  2.  In this very useful post you can find major pen spinning tricks and what’s the most important – tutorials with the easiest ways of doing them. All tricks are sectioned off into 5 groups according to their difficulty – from 1 star – basic fundamental tricks to 5 star – PRO-tricks.
  3. Guys, bookmark this page. Every time you need it – it will help you to understand where you are in pen spinning right now and where to go next. I update this page and by the way, if you have some suggestions regarding it – will be happy to see them in the comment section.
  4. I have a video, which is called trick learning order, which will also give you a direction to move in start.
  5. I don’t recommend you to jump from one level to another randomly, but you sure can, this is just a guide, it helps, but doesn’t commands you. In general, once you have mastered about 5-7 tricks of a level group, you are pretty ready to start learning tricks from the next group. And when you feel like it – you can always come back to a previous level group and learn something from there later.
  6. First of all pen spinning is a hobby – you do everything for fun.
  7. I also have playlists with pen spinning tricks level groups – you can just save them for yourself and learn them using just YouTube. Note, that each trick has it’s reversed variation, once you’ve learnt a trick, it’s better to look for a tutorial for it’s Reverse – you can search like that – pen stock Sonic Reverse, for example.

Get a better pen mod and subscribe

  1. Bictory mod is not the best pen mod to say the least, but it will be fine for you to learn tricks of 1 and 2 stars levels. First of all, of course, it’s better to learn fundamental tricks and their reverses from the first group – there are Charge, Sonic, FingerPass and Thumb Around. I have a really nice video about them, it is kinda superficial, but there you will also see a nice mini-combo with them.
  2. Of course I also have a detailed video tutorial for each of them separately, and fundamental combo also has a detailed video breakdown.
  3. It must be enough to impress anyone around you, and if you liked that, if you’ve learnt them and enjoyed that process – congratulations, you are one of us, numbered guys-pen spinners.
  4. Right after that I recommend you to get a pen mod better, than the one you’ve made, from penstock.net
  5. All of them will be better than Bictory and most of them are hand made and have to be prepared before shipment to you, so delivery will take awhile, so don’t delay till you are done with 2 stars level tricks, make order in advance.
  6. I usually recommend to get a Flying Panda or Waterfall. You can also take a look at Flower mods and Finger Dance. But there is no strong requirements – you can go to Pen Stock.net, pen mod section and set filter to show you only pen mods good for beginners – any of those will be fine.
  7. So, now, as you are with us, subscribe to my channel, where everything is about pen spinning and it will help me, if you at least like this video.

When you get a pen mod – now you can post on Reddit.com/r/penspin – pen spinning community, where you will see many other pen spinners of different levels. You can start by posting photo of your new pen mod or pen mods – don’t post Bictory mod.


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