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Pen Spinning Levels


Hello, spinners! 

So here I gathered the most commonly used tricks and sorted them by level of difficultness.  You can refer to this list to have an idea of which pen spinning level you are on at a moment or to find out, which pen spinning trick you can learn next.

As well, you can refer to this video, which may help you to decide order of trick learning: 

You can consider yourself at a certain level, if you can do at least 4 tricks of this level.

Each pen spinning trick level has stars or a name. Use CTRL+F to find a trick, which you are interested in. Also you can open videos playlists to watch video tutorials for different pen spinning tricks of a certain level.

Here you can find only a very short list of pen spinning tricks, in fact, there are much more tricks with a pen, than that. But for your reference you can still use this list.

So here is the pen spinning trick level list:


1 star - BASICS

ThumbAround (Thumb Around, TA)


2 star - BEGINNER

Neo Sonic
Warped Sonic
Index Around, Middle Around, Ring Around
Bak around
Inverse Sonic
Inverse Twisted Sonic
Double Charge
Half Tap
Twisted Sonic Bust
Demons Sonic



Side Sonic
Sonic Moonwalk
Scissor Spin / Corkscrew
Extended ThumbAround

Extended Sonic
Triangle Pass
Neo Bak
PalmSpin (Palm Spin)
Devil's Shadow

Thumb Around Release

Charge 13


4 star - ADVANCED

Spider Sonic
Bak Fall
Flush Sonic
Double\Tripple Bust
Inverse Shadow

Thumb Bounce Trick

Ballet trick



5 star - PRO

Pinky Spread
Hai Tua
Pun Kan
Pun New
Spider Spin

Rev Karlo M. Reyes
I cant do powerpass because of my Ring finger, When I started to do powerpass, When i tap the pen mod with my middle finger, My ring finger Follows my middle finger
I love doing power pass,Bak fall and multiple bust!
Azer Nieil D. Mencidor
Can You Please Help Me I Can Only Do 5, 4, 3, and also 1 stars, but i cannot do 2 Stars, Im So Confused How Did I Cannot Do The 2 Stars Pen Spinning?
Hello, Did You Know Anyone That could do 5 stars Pen Spinning is Easy To Learn than 4 stars.
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