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Pen Spinning Terms


Linkage (link) – 2-3 tricks connected to each other

Micro-Combo – 2 links connected to each other (3-4 tricks)

Mini-combo – 3-5 links connected to each other

Combo - more than 5 links connected to each other

Palm Down (PD), Palm Up (PU), Palm Side (PS) – position of your wrist while performing a trick, by default most of tricks are performed PU and PS, so you need to mark this notification in a breakdown, when trick should be performed PD or if you change position of wrist while doing a trick.

T, 1, 2, 3, 4 – alternative designations of fingers in Pen Spinning breakdowns from T (thumb) to 4 (pinky) accordingly

Slots (ex.: T2, 34, 14) – designation of pen mod’s positioning in hand while performing a trick. For example slot 12 – a pen mod is between Index and Middle fingers.



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