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Pen Spinning Tournament FINAL Results. Spinbol Cup 2019


Final Results of the Pen Spinning World Tournament - Spinbol Cup 2019. Here we will find out the name of the Champion.

Final Round of Pen Spinning Tournament Spinbol Cup 2019 has ended, we have our Champion and before I will tell you his name, let’s have a glimpse at the battle between 2 contenders for the First prize, who have made it throughout all 3 Rounds, defeated all of their opponents. 2 pen spinners, whom you have chosen, whom you have supported by kind comments and your votes.

I will declare the winner right after we find out, what our experts think about the epic battle between LaKeR and LimeZz and.


In my opinion the decision was simple. Laker’s combo was good (in spite of having one slight slowdown on 14th second). But Limez’ combo was better in all aspects: it was more powerful, more stylish and complex. The only bad thing about Limez’ combo is its length.
Because it is too long some elements look spammed.

Stay with me

The battle is quite straightforward. Limezz's Combo combines interesting power and air elements into a beautiful and neat composition, in which you can only find fault with the fact that, due to repeat of several tricks, that combo looks spammed and drawn out. Laker took the fight with dignity, but the enemy is just a little stronger, so he has everything ahead. 

I totally agree, that LimeZz was stronger in this battle. I like his attitude, sportsmanship at the end of his video. Yes, his combo was too long again, but we can’t judge the winner. LimeZz definitely knew, what he was doing, I think, both contenders knew that well enough. I think, they studied your, guys, opinions and acted accordingly.

It is you, viewer, chose long power combos, that’s why the final Round was so representative. LimeZz and LaKeR made their combos in the same style, the same length, without knowing each other, they both did pretty similar videos. They are both great and I am very happy to see their battle in this Tournament.

And now let’s find out the winner of the first Pen Spinning Tournament in our community, we have 150 votes for LimeZz against 46 votes for LaKeR. My congratulations to you, LimeZz, you are now the Champion, look at all those raving comments under the video with your battle. You take the first prize for the Tournament - $50 to spend on everything in penstock.net.

LaKeR, I congratulate you, too. You did a very good job in this Tournament, and, as Stay with me said – you have everything ahead. And with such relatively small experience in Pen Spinning, taking second Prize in Tournament is a really big deal.

That was a great Tournament. I thank all the participants for being punctual in the first place. Because, as a host of a Tournament, I was nervous about how it was going to go. Thank you for doing your best, for doing it in time, we haven’t waited for anybody in this Tournament. Thank you for your magnificent videos and combos, thank you very much, without you this Tournament wouldn’t have happened.

As well I want to thank all the people who voted and especially the ones, who commented and justified their choices in each Round. And of course I want to thank our experts – BraZza and Stay with me – who showed us, how Pen Spinning Tournament judging goes, for giving reasons along with expert opinions. I want to thank all of you, because without you, guys, this Tournament would have been… hollow.

My name is Alex Suhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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