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Pen Spinning Tournament Round 2. Spinbol Cup 2019


Hello, spinner! You are on a channel about Pen Spinning and in the previous video I showed you results of the 1st Round of Spinbol Cup 2019, you can also follow the Tournament at penstock.net/sc2019 or in the respective play list on my channel.

I am happy to announce the 2nd Round of Spinbol Cup, we are in the middle of Pen Spinning World Tournament and for today have 2 battles. 2 battles between 4 winners in semi-final. And, as in the previous Round, I will let you, guys, decide, who would pass to the Final Round to a championship fight! You can also win of these beautiful pen mods from PenStock.net – shop for pen spinners with the fast and cheap delivery all over the world, if you choose right winners for both battles and write the names in the comments below. It doesn’t matter, if you leave other comments, if randomizer chooses you as a winner of this giveaway – I will find your comment with the 2nd Round predictions.

  Make sure you make only one prediction, you can’t choose different winners in the same battles.

Also, as it was last time – during each battle you will see a poll right here, where you can vote for a pen spinner you liked, the one, who deserves to pass to the final Round, where he will get guaranteed prize – the main for the First Place – 50 USD to spend on penstock.net and for the second place – Ivan mod and Minwoo mod with a free delivery, of course.

OK, without any further ado let’s get started with the second Round of Pen Spinning Tournament and the first battle for today is:

Yerkosh vs LimeZz

Now it is time for you to choose, who was stronger here, watch the combos again, slow down the video to see every element. And poll right now.

Meanwhile we are moving forward to the second battle:

IceCarbon vs LaKeR

Choose wisely according to your feelings, we don’t need to hurry up, this is not an easy battle to pick up a winner. Watch both combos at minimum speed, and if you are ready – poll right now!

OK, spinners, now it is time to pause the video and go to the comment section below. Right down, whom you have chosen in both of these astonishing battles. Because – for sure, all of our today’s participants showed maximum of their current skill and it was a great performance!

I already know, for whom I will poll in each battle, but as always – will keep my thoughts quiet till a video with results for this battle. It will be released on November 7th, there you will hear opinions of our 2 experts – Brazza and Stay with me see and the final battle between the strongest pen spinners according to people’s voice!

Don’t forget, that we have Discord server and subreddit – totally dedicated to Pen Spinning, pen modding, all related stuff – there you always can find help, company to chat with and a few memes as well.

My name is Alex Suhov, may the style be with you, bye!


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