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Pen Spinning Tournament - Spinbol Cup 2019. Call for Applications


Hello, spinner! You are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning.

I am really, REALLY pumped to make today’s announcement, as an event, which I want to hold, supposedly in October, is going to be interesting. At least last times, when, I made such things, it was fun. Some of you have already heard about my plans on a recent online stream, when I was making Buster Waterfall some of you have seen the name of this video, for the rest  it is going to be news.

Anyway, what I want to do is an International Tournament among intermediate pen spinners –  Spinbol Cup 2019. Most likely there are going to be 8 or 16 participants and 3 or 4 Rounds accordingly.  I am going to show each battle of each round in videos on my channel, don’t forget to push a bell-button to make sure you don’t miss all that mess.

And can you guess, who is going to judge the whole Tournament? Who will choose a winner out of each battle and eventually will choose a Champion of Spinbol Cup 2019? Right now I can see only one decent candidate for this position of trust, leave your guess about that in the comment section below this video on YouTube. Or just write down, whom you would want to see as a judge.

And the Champion, the one, who is going take the first place and win all battles, is going to get something more, than huge respect of our community and my congratulations. There are going to be nice prices from penstock.net as well and also he will have eternal discounts for all the goods from my shop.

Well, some other participants will get personal discounts in the shop, too, most likely, also eternal. And it is going to be a pretty big discount, I am thinking about 10% for all the goods and this discount will be additional. So when there are sales or – you would get 2 discounts. Which probably would lead me to bankruptcy…

So how can you take part in a Tournament? That’s the question now, right? Click a link in the description under this video and leave your application on spinbol.com

All the needed info is in the post there, but I will repeat it anyway and explain several simple conditions you need to meet for your application to be checked.

  1. Make a video of a combo – within 15 seconds, nothing too difficult, a freestyle would also be fine, you just need to show your average skill. Don’t be afraid to seem low-skilled, this is not a Tournament for PRO pen spinners, mostly for new generation.

Place a piece of paper near your hand, so we could read info on it – your name or nickname, under which you want to participate and name of a Tournament. For example, Alex Sukhov – Spinbol Cup 2019.


  1. After you post your video, you will need to focus on earning 650 points on spinbol.com

Yeah, this is how we will filter arrogant douches from reddit and really too low-skilled pen spinners. If you have managed to earn that many poins – your skill is OK for the Tournament. Also, it is not that hard – to earn them by playing games and just making posts there. I have a separate video about Spinbol, how to play it and how to get points, check it out by clicking a card.

So you can place a bid, if you don’t have enough points, but by October 2019 you should already have more than 650 of them, so I could consider your application when the time will come.

If you like the idea, if you think it is going to be fun – leave a like under this video. May the style be with you, bye.



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