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PPM mod green & orange grips

Article: PPM mod green & orange grips
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  • green & orange grips
  • black grips
  • red grips
  • violet & blue grips
22.5 cm
22 gr
Crayola ST
Double/Single Capped
Double Capped
Manually made
Pen mods may differ from pictures
14.49 $
In stock: 498 pcs
14.49 $
In stock: 499 pcs
14.49 $
In stock: 498 pcs
14.49 $
In stock: 492 pcs


PPM mod has been created by PPM (poopooman) - a famous power-style pen spinner. 

Instagram: @poopoomanwu

Pen Stock now connects with an awesome modern Pen Spinning Shop, so follow

Pen Spinning shop

 to choose a nice pen mod from a great variety of available colors and designs! There you will also find a huge amount of spare parts and accessories.

What I like the most about this shop - its owner, Oleg, is being long time in pen modding - he started his journey in 2008 and really mastered pen modding craft. So right now it will be hard to find a pen modder better than him.

Follow this link to make an order so Oleg knows you came from Pen Stock, bro:)


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