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Reaction on Combos for Spinbol Cup 2019


let’s see, who would want to compete for all of these things. I think all of today’s applicants already deserve our respect and for me, guys, you are remarkable. But as there should be either 8 or 16 participants, we are limited in bids, which can pass through. So I will divide today’s spinners into 2 divisions – the first one – those, who most likely will be in. The second one – those, who have a bit less chances, but still have them, depending on how many spinners would join later.

Spinbol Cup 2019 teaser #1: https://youtu.be/_8H4l8aDkwM

How to join Spinbol Cup 2019: https://youtu.be/JbG8x5NOwOE

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Hello! You are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning and today we will look at applicants for the biggest Pen Spinning Tournament of this year in our community – Spinbol Cup 2019.

As you already know, it will happen at this October, by the way, I have made a little teaser video – watch it, if you still haven’t and share with your friends to help to promote the Tournament, it would help a lot and I will be grateful for your contribution. Let your friends know, what’s going to happen – the best of the best pen spinners are going to fight to each other for the great justice and for prizes  as well, of course. And for respect of the community, without any doubts.

Now let’s see, who would want to compete for all of these things. I think all of today’s applicants already deserve our respect and for me, guys, you are remarkable. But as there should be either 8 or 16 participants, we are limited in bids, which can pass through. So I will divide today’s spinners into 2 divisions – the first one – those, who most likely will be in. The second one – those, who have a bit less chances, but still have them, depending on how many spinners would join later.

How to join – watch a separate video – link will be in the description.

I won’t say much about people’s execution and level today – to apply you don’t need to show a high-end master combo, just a simple freestyle to show your average skill. But I will say a few words about videos themselves to give you some tips for better filming in future.

OK, let’s start, and the first one is LimeZz. I know this pen spinner, he has helped me with one of my videos in the past, maybe even with 2 of them… no, one, we can do it again, by the way, to make it 2.

Which pen mod is it? Looks a bit like 12ve, but not quite. Anyway, I can see progress in his spin, it’s cool. What I like in this video is: good angle, contrast background, everything is in frame. Look, how he holds his hand still, it is very important to develop that in your execution. Less you move your hand around – better for your style. Of course there are some exceptions out of this rule, but in general it is true – try to control your hand in one place. This skill is very useful, when it comes to filming as well.

I say yes, LimeZz, I would want to see your performance in Spinbol Cup, so you are in the first division.

Almost forgot! Guys, I really need your help, this is even more important, than promoting that little teaser and much easier to do.


As you can see, framing is a bit worse, than in the previous video, we can’t see  part of a combo, because DustyArrow moves his hand a lot and a camera is straight up. Well, LimezZ also had camera at almost 90 degree angle, but it was compensating with his control. Here we can’t see some of main moves. I would recommend to get a tripod for this matter and film your combo at an angle. You can get a selfie stick and place it in the corner of your table.

What I like is approach of DustyArrow. When he made his bid for Tournament, he didn’t have 650 points and now he has  more than 1000 of them, which pretty much proves, that you can easily pass this limitation in no time, if you want to take part. I would leave DustyArrow for the 2nd division, just because couldn’t see the whole combo, as I told before, some of his moves were out of frame, though skill seems to be OK.

ded inside

Yeah, f**ked up ending, but I like his style, even though it hasn’t been yet fully emerged  – moves are not confident enough, you can say, that he is pretty new to Pen Spinning, but he seem to learn fast and might grow into a really strong pen spinner, or not. Anyway, that’s a decent bid and deserves to be in the first division.

But next time make sure to not to film vertically, it looks just aweful, not to say, that keeping in frame is extremely hard in his way of filming. Just hold your f.cking phone horizontally, dude!


One of my favorite spinbollers, by the way, so I would take him in the first division only by seeing his name, as well as LimeZz, lol. But let’s look, what he’s got. Yeah, experienced spinboller, knows, how to hold a camera, how to choose angle, combo is in frame, I don’t have any complaints about this video. Also I can see your progress, spin got much better since I have seen you last time – the first division.


Not bad, such a smooth execution, deliberately slow and like stringy at some points. It may feel like there is a lack of skill, maybe. What would you say, guys? Now here is a poll, where you can choose, which division should Nefo be in. For me, I know, what I would choose for sure, but your, guys, choice is very interesting to find out.


I have several issues with this video. First of all, I don’t really like this angle – yes, 90 degree up can be tolerated, even when you look, like upside down, when a hand is at the top of a frame, but camera straight in front of you looks not so good at all. Don’t know, maybe it is just a matter of taste – let me know, what you think in comments. To my mind it is very disturbing and I can’t qualify execution with an open mind, if you know what I mean.

Second – there is not enough light in the video, and light plays a huge role in making a nice video – we want to make nice ones, don’t we, don’t film in the dark.

And – yeah, some moves are out of frame. Though he marks, that his experience in Pen Spinning is only 9 month, this is a good level for such a period of time,promising, but maybe not that much enough for Tournament yet, second division, I will certainly invite you in, if there would be room for that. Till now, hope you would take advices above into consideration.

Ps fox

I like his collection of mods, what I have noticed, guys, the fastest progress goes with those, who have about 4-5 pen mods in a collection. Noticed it several years ago and still see proves for that. AS for the video – I think, angle is not the best either. It is OK to play Tak-Ons on spinbol.com, but you don’t film combos, while holding a phone in front of your face. It distracts you, as you either film or execute well. Just some thoughts.

As for the level of fox’s spinning – it is clear, that he is very new to Pen Spinning as well. Moves are diffident, and I think, Ps fox goes to 2nd division as well. If we have room in Tournament – we would be glad to watch your performance.


I see nice moves in hereJThey look a bit familiar, like them. As for the video – that’s an example of mistakes, which I marked above. Background is fine, I can see his pen mod loud and clear, I guess, he uses his hand to film a combo, and you can clearly see, that he can’t really control both  - a camera and a pen. So half of his combo is totally lost out of frame and most of the time we can see this empty space right here.

Take a selfie stick, turn it to and your video would be much better to watch. As for level, what do you, guys, think? Which division should Daz be – poll now in a card here, let’s find that out.


Again, not the best angle to show such complicated things. I see, that ghost went in fel2fram’s footsteps. What do you think? I would definitely glad to see his combos in another shooting angle, not so close to a hand and as for execution – this is more than enough for the first division. Really pumped to watch his performance on Spinbol Cup.


As you can assume, I don’t like this angle – 1st person shooter, there are a lot of disadvantages of this way of filming. But as for 5TY-4, I hope, there was no hidden meaning in these symbols, which make sense, if you read them correctly, you know, when guys replace letter with numbers to… I don’t really know for what, to make me look like a fool, maybe.

So as for his video – it is OK, no pens fly out of frame, maybe a little bit at some points. Level is decent, if he has really been spinning for less than a year, it is a fine level, not extraordinary, but definitely better, than mine at the same spinning age. Hm… I guess 90% of newbies are better at their first year of pen spinning, than me.

Anyway, 2nd division, for sure. It is fine to participate in Tournament, if we get enough members.


The same issue with filming – it’s too close to camera to make an opinion about the combo, a lot of time a pen mod is out of frame, moves look messy, especially here from 8 to 10th seconds, how could they not be? He spins Zhigao crap, which is going to stop him from progressing and will ruin your style. So my main recommendation will be – throw away your mod, it is unspinnable, and train with anything else – you’d see big changes. Second one – you need to change angle.

Level is OK for the 2nd division.

M1nky ps

Here we go, “1” instead of “I”. This is a very low-level of execution, as you can see, moves are chopped, he can’t control his pen decently, maybe it is because he spins with his left hand, you know, it is always harder to do something with your left hand, I recommend to use your right one.

Well, for less than a year experience, I think, his spin is quite satisfying, well, there are a few unclear links at the beginning of his video, which look like he doesn’t know what to do with his pen. On 13th second you can see obviously bad execution of FingerPass, Minky, I recommend you to watch my tutorial of this trick to learn how to do it correctly. I made few of them, choose the newer one. Again, the angle of filming is bad and that’s why we can’t see some moves.

Poll right now to help me decide, which division should the spinner be in.


I hate this vertical filming, I really do, also, if you use dark pen mod, you’d better use something light as a background or vice versa, you know, it is difficult to find a black cat in a dark room. And of course, first person angle is something a good performance should avoid. Execution is good for the first division, I hope you will get enough points by October to join the Spinbol Cup.

And the last applicant for today’s video is Yerkosh, man I hope you would be merciful to my inability to pronounce names correctly.

Solid confident execution, good angle, even though it is first person, from eyes, he uses wide angled camera and it makes this video look much better, as there is only one time we loose a pen mod out of side. I’d say Yerkosh is this little from the first division, but hopefully we would get enough people to let him in, if, of course, he would manage to get 650 points in time.

So if you want to join event – you still have some time left, people from the first division, though, have privilege now, after this video, don’t be so slow, guys, don’t hesitate and loose your chance to show yourself. If you are not willing to take part just yet because of lack of experience – go and play Tak-Ons on spinbol.com, it is a great way to level up and progress in Pen Spinning with a lot of fun and competition.

For the rest of you, let’s wait till October, you are going to like the Tournament. My name is Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



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