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Buster CYL violet caps

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21.5 cm
19.5 gr
Good For Beginners
Crayola ST
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A very famous Pen Spinning mod, which was invented and popularized by famous pen spinner Peem. Buster CYL, aka Peem mod is made on a Crayola Super Tips body, with 2 Comssa caps, 2 Air Fit tips, 1 Air Fit grip. 

A pen mod for learning power tricks in Pen Spinning, because of pretty heavy weight and excellent momentum.Buster CYL (Peem mod) can be useful for beginners in Pen Spinning, but it is a really good choice for intermediate and pro pen spinners.

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Very good mod! but Crayola sign got erased in 2 days but my friend hasn't got this problem

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