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Dr. ACT yellow grips

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21 cm
20 gr
Good For Beginners
Art Color
Double/Single Capped
Double Capped
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In stock: 483 pcs
21.57 $
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In stock: 481 pcs
21.57 $
In stock: 483 pcs



Dr. ACT - is a mod for penspinning, modification of famous mod Dr. KT. This is a heavy mod with mediun length. Balance on center. In spite of little spinning room, this one spins wery well. This is a sutable mod for beginners and skilled penspinners.

Another advantage of this mod (besides good momentum) - big variability of colors.This mod has a Sailor Gel grips, so you can change colouration of mod.

Suitable for beginners


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Do you have this mod in black & white color like your Dr. KT?

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