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Everchix Emboss white-blue

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  • white-black
  • sky blue
  • 19
  • white
22.5 cm
19 gr
Good For Beginners
Double/Single Capped
Double Capped
12.87 $
In stock: 483 pcs
12.87 $
In stock: 481 pcs
12.87 $
In stock: 490 pcs
12.87 $
In stock: 500 pcs

Everchix Emboss - is a thick mod for pen spinning on Emboss barrel.

Was made by Japanese spinner Everchix, suitable for spinners with long fingers.

However, not only for them. If you spin more than six month, you may buy this one.

Available in different colors.

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1.66 $
In stock: 486 pcs
2.65 $
In stock: 502 pcs
1.49 $
In stock: 495 pcs
Хороший мод. "Крутибельный". Но как по мне, ему не достаёт длинны. It's not a bad mod for ur collection.
Ahmed Hassan Bassudan
I live in Saudi Arabia in the Jeddah city Aziziyah neighborhood forty Street

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