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Flying Panda white caps

Article: Flying Panda white caps
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21.5 cm
16.4 gr
Good For Beginners
Crayola ST
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Manually made
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14.93 $
In stock: 425 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 451 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 473 pcs
12.05 $
In stock: 474 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 456 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 473 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 463 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 486 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 485 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 456 pcs




Flying Panda - is a famouse pen mod for pen spinning, one of the best for beginners and intermediate pen spinners. This is a famous mod with medium weigth and long transparent grips at the both sides. This grips are soft and feel really nice, good for learning wipers (Figure 8, Infinity). They also look great and unusual, making this pen spinning mod recognisable.

Suitable for beginners and experienced penspinners.

Weight: 16.4 g.
Length 21.5 с
Balance on center

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1.66 $
In stock: 470 pcs
0.83 $
In stock: 483 pcs
1.66 $
In stock: 476 pcs
2.65 $
In stock: 491 pcs


21.57 $
In stock: 387 pcs
17.92 $
In stock: 461 pcs
14.93 $
In stock: 456 pcs
Ргалевич Наталья Генадьевна
ручка класс
I like that
Nani... why no English.
I wanna buy one flying panda, please refill the stock. My birthday is 12 of December and i want it.
I am really interested in the flying panda mod and blue is my favorite color and your videos helped me a-lot on my decision for the flying panda mod or waterfall mod. All my friends are pen spinners and I am a beginner. I was wondering if you can notify me when the flying panda light blue caps comes back in the stock. THANKS!
Im from indonesian can you give away?
Priyanshu ben
Amazing pen mods..
DeAngelo Johnson Jr.
Hello Alex I am interested in the getting the majesty pen mod from Amazon. It is 22 centimeters and 23 grams. Can you do a video on it, if not can you at least tell me if its a good choice or not? (I'm a beginner)
its great
balllz in me jawz
gaming gru
Gaming Grue
yo i benn useing thius bussin pen and it is good poggg
Gordon Lu
Very good mod, best for beginners

Shipping was a pain, took a month and a week to get to Canada.

The grips are superb. No need for explanation.

Cons- the grips come off too easily. This would easily be 5 stars if the grips actually stayed on. The pen is also slightly too light, hence why its for beginners

The grips are extremely good, just want to reiterate that fact.

This mod is specifically targeted for beginners, good length, and light weight, and the best thing about it is its GRIPS.
However, the grips come off pretty easily, so Penstock I hope you take this into consideration while making this mod.

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