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Menowa ST

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  • Menowa
22.6 cm
21 gr
Good For Beginners
Crayola ST
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Manually made
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12.61 $
In stock: 316 pcs

This is a pretty heavy pen spinning mod on Crayola Super Tips barrel. Menowa ST can replace Ivan Mod, since they have some similarities in the way they feel. 

Pen mod Menowa ST is suitable for all levels of pen spinners - beginners, intermediate, advanced. It is good for different styles in pen spinning, especially for pen spinning power style. This pen mod is one of the most popular ones as well.

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 to choose a nice pen mod from a great variety of available colors and designs! There you will also find a huge amount of spare parts and accessories.

What I like the most about this shop - its owner, Oleg, is being long time in pen modding - he started his journey in 2008 and really mastered pen modding craft. So right now it will be hard to find a pen modder better than him.

Follow this link to make an order so Oleg knows you came from Pen Stock, bro:)



2.99 $
In stock: 468 pcs
1.66 $
In stock: 418 pcs
0.66 $
In stock: 473 pcs
1.66 $
In stock: 466 pcs
0.83 $
In stock: 477 pcs


15.60 $
In stock: 457 pcs
9.89 $
In stock: 242 pcs
16.59 $
In stock: 481 pcs
9.89 $
In stock: 407 pcs
9.89 $
In stock: 429 pcs
Неплохой мод, по кручению похож на MENOWA, а выглядит как иван. Что-то среднее.
Jonathan Carlos Santana Arencibia
Hola me gustaría comprar el menowa ST yo vivo en Gran canaria en el municipio de las palmas de gran canaria el código postal es 35012 vivo en un edificio mi portal es el número 67 y la puerta 1 D y la calle en la que vivo es Rafael Mesa y López y mi número de teléfono es 683370590 :) lo único es que no sé cómo se paga en esta tienda ??.
When will the Menowa ST back with stock?
If I order the pen without stock, will I be able to get it or I will have to wait until the pen have stock again?
I love it!
I really love this pen mod
I really love this pen mod
I am India
I'm learn for your videos watching
hey i was wondering if its normal to have red grips instead of the standard pink because my menowa st has red and also the grips that cover the tips aren’t transparent but instead glow in the dark so im not sure if thats normal.
but overall its fine and i love the pen just wondering if those were normal thats all

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