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Minwoo mod original color

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21 cm
19 gr
Super Pirat
Double/Single Capped
Single Capped
21.57 $
In stock: 494 pcs

This mod was made by spinner Minwoo from german Pen Spinning community GPC .For the first time spinner showed his skill in 2009 на World Tournament. В 2012 году at PS World Championship, in 5th round, Minwoo tried to cheat judges by giving them mirrored videо, falsifying his 2-hand style. After exposure, he deleted his channel on YouTube and never came back.

This mod has a difficult construction with a lot of replaceable details.

Heavy and beautiful mod mod. It spins good and looks awesome.

Maybe, as a main mod, beginners should choose another one. Mode is good for skilled pen spinners.

Length - 21 с
Weight - 19 g
Balance on center.

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