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Giveaway Token (Spinbol fund)

Article: Giveaway Token (Spinbol fund)
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Add to cart this item and make the order to take part in a drawing on 26 of July 2019.

Free delivery to any country

This month I will draw this cool Clutch for pen mods and Buster Waterfall. 


In case, when you take just Tokens, please choose to pay by Visa/Mastercard when you checkout.

Here is a ROADMAP with the list of what we want to add in the nearest future.

Know More about the drawings on PenStock.net


You can help us to make Spinbol better and fund to its development. At the end of the month, to express appreciation, I will draw prizes among those of you, who have helped on a live stream on Pen Stock channel on YouTube. Here is the Roadmap, where you can check out, for which exactly features we are raising funds in this month and also list of all numbers, who take part in a drawing.

More Spinbol Tokens you take - better chance to win a prize you have. For example, if there are 100 participants, by taking 1 good you get 1% chance to win out of 100. By taking 5 goods you get 5% chance to win out of 100.

You can take this item with an order on Pen Stock shop or just separately get it without ordering anything else.

But anyway make sure to fill the info correct - your name, post address and e-mail, so we could send you a prize, if you win win it right after online-stream with a winner announcement.

Prices are marked in US Dollars, and they are a reference prices, so it doesn't matter, which currency you use, it will be automatically converted to Rubles anyway. 

Products are custom made and can slightly differ from pictures.

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Rex gallogo
I like the white
one that have light
From Philippines dumingag zamboanga del zur
I want to by
I like pen spinning
Rex gallogo
I like your pen that color white
Sarik maharjan
I am in a small country where pen mods are no available. So, I could not buy pen mods????????

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