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Twilight LED Mod clear

Article: Whirl Lightning Mod clear
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  • clear
23.5 cm
16 gr
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My twilight mod arrived today and the lights look very nice, but should the body of the pen be curved? It isnt a straight pen.
Прекрасная светяшка, самая лучшая в своём роде. Для получения эстетического удовольствия самое то, или покрасоваться на вписке перед тнями)) The best led mod ever.
The Doctor
Shipping was a real pain in the ass to wait for, but after nearly a month..it arrived.
I don't care so much about how looking it took though.
Twilight it's a super elegant pen mod! Actually lighter in weight than I expected. Way lighter... I added some weights to the ends and now it's perfect for my nighttime walks!

The construction is beautifully symmetrically done.

Materials used are of premium quality.

Ease of LED activation is wonderful.

The mod is way too light for me. (In Penstocks defense, I make my own mods using ball bearing and fishing weights)

Rating 1 ~ 10

Construction 10/10
Materials 10/10
Balance 10/10
Weight 3/10
Ease of operation 10/10
Shipping 2/10
Packaging 10/10
Shipping Protection wrapping 15/10
Quiero comprar un penstock y no puedo
Почему он не доступен в русской версии?
Gordon Lu
Good LED mod, very good length and weight and is easy to spin with

Cons- not very durable, is pretty fragile and can break easier than other mods, but is still good for spinning.

very easy to switch between LED

traits- clear body

Shipping is pretty trash, for me it took a month and a week to get to Canada

Overall, good pen, very long and has a good weight, easy to switch between LED and off, clear body

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